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    Hi all,
    I warned yall I'd be back with more questions and here they are lol. First menus, since the fiance and I are blind and can't read mornal menus do they have the menus for the various restaurants online or would I be able to ask someone on staff to go over the menus with us? Next the buffet. I know lunch is eather beach grill or buffet and I was planning to stay away from it since I have no idea how to navigate it on my own but then I read a post about the desserts and well now I want my mid day sweet fix while I'm there. Again would it be to much to ask someone to walk us through the vuffet? I don't want to hold up service for everyone else or anything so I'm trying to get it all sorted way ahead of time. In terms of the red flag service on the beach I have 2 questions, first are the flags on the chairs somewhere or do you get them at the bar or what? Next will they bring you munchies from the grill as well as drinks? On to the rooms: when is turn down service normally? I ask so we can be out of the room at the time and therefore out of the maids way. Also since we have a suite do they bring the hors d'oeuvres during the nightly turn down or some other time? Wedding: first it occured to me since we're going by ourselves no one is walking me down the aisle or what not so I'm wondering should I bring a fancy wedding cane lol or find someone to help me walk to where I'm supposed to be. We may have a friend or 2 joining us so that could solve that problem but want to ask just in case. Also for the wedding video does it include first dance, wedding cake cutting ect? I could leave or take pictures but a video of the wedding to show the family when we get home would be nice. Last question I promise at least for now. I want to do the cat cruise but don't really want to go swimming when we stop. Will I be the only one still on the boat or do enough people not go swimming in the caves that I won't feel like a weirdo? Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my million questions. I might be just a tad excited


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    Hi Audrey,

    That's what the message board is ask questions of those who've been there. Not everyone is going to have all the answers, but those who've been there are going to have some and are usually willing to share.

    Not sure about the menu and buffet questions, but have seen Couples staff at the resort help those out who had issues. I'm sure they will help you work those things out. We'd recommend contacting them directly before your visit so as to maybe make your visit a little easier by having them prepared for your situation.

    Flags are typically in the sand by the chairs. I'm sure one of the staff would be able to help you with getting one. They usually deliver drinks, not food, but may be willing to make an exception if your situation requires it.

    Turn down service time varies. We've seen them start as early as 6 and get there as late as 9 PM. We've come in a couple times while the person was doing the turn-back and just excused ourselves and allowed them to finish. They don't bring hors d'oeuvres to your room but have been known to leave some things to brighten your room upon return.

    The wedding coordinator at the resort will help you and your husband with all the arrangements for your wedding. I'm sure they'll get you to your wedding. On our wedding day they I was expected to be at the place we were to be married 30 minutes ahead of time and the wedding coordinator's assistant escorted my wife.

    The wedding video is a great way to take your wedding at Couples home to share with your family. We did this and were able to put together a reception, upon our return, so everyone felt like they were there without the expense of going to Jamaica. The video included the wedding, reception/cake cutting, first dance and even some footage of you guys around the resort.

    Not everyone who does the catamaran cruise goes swimming. Some just go for the cruise and have no interest in sliding off the boat into the water or swimming into the caves. It's your vacation so do whatever part you want and don't worry about what everyone else does/thinks.

    Sorry we weren't able to answer all your questions but hopefully enough to help prepare you for a great visit/wedding/honeymoon at CN. We' sure others will give added input that will add to the excitement of your upcoming trip.

    Congrats and have a great time!

    Bart & Bug

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    I do not know first hand, but I am sure there will be many people (not just employees but other guests) that will be willing to help with any of your needs. Everyone is very nice and helpful.
    If you want to go through the buffet I would ask someone to help you navigate, it would not be a big deal. No one is in a hurry in Jamaica.
    When you are on the beach someone usually brings you a red flag, but I think you can ask for one at the pool bar. When we did the CAT there were quite a few people that stayed on the boat.
    Have fun

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    This past May I did not go swimming on the CAT cruise. I had a camera in one hand and a drink in the other so I figured neither would mix well with salt water!

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    Thanks for the replys. I'll deffintely email couples ahead of time to give them a heads up and ask if someone would be willing to go over menus with us and help us navigate the vuffet. Sounds like finding the flags in the sand next to the lounge chairs will be a treasure hunt lol. Should be really fun finding the flags after a couple drinks hehe. I don't think I'll ask if they'll bring snacks or anything. I'll consider the walk to the grill the make sure your still sober enough to walk around safely test. Good to know about the turn down service. I'll just come back if they come to our room while we're in there. I asked about the hors d'oeuvres because we booked a beach front suite at cn and it's mentioned they do that for the beach front suites and garden view suites. I'll deffinetly ask the wedding cordinater or somebody to help us get to where we're supposed to be for the wedding. We'll get the video too for friends and family back home. I wonder if you can get just the video with out a photo packege? I'm glad to know I won't be the only one not swimming on the cruise. Thanks everyone for the replies. I love how friendly and informative the message boards are. It makes me feel like we deffinetly picked the right resort.
    I actually started out looking at s and then b but I'm so glad I stumbled across Couples. Not only was it signifecantly cheaper but Couples has alot more things included plus there awsome message boards. I do have a couple questions regarding weddings, If I wanted to get married on the beach but don't really want naked people in the video/ pictures if I schedule a 10am wedding how likely is this to come up? I ask because my mom is super conservetive and would not be amused though honestly I'd find it halarious and a conversation starter. secondly I'd like to tip the wedding planner and officiat. What is a custommary amount? Ok one more question or group of questions lol. Is the gym across the street like csa and where arthe the classes like couples massage, hat, jewelry, sandal making held?
    Thanks again

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    Hi Audrey,

    We got both the video and photos but we're thinking you can get one or the other but there's a better price for both. A wedding on the beach does not automatically come with naked people. The AN beach is secluded and takes up a small portion of the beach at CN so you shouldn't have any problem with naked people showing up in your wedding pictures/video. In fact, the staff will set up the area for the wedding away from where most people will be so you shouldn't have to worry about getting "extras" in your photos/videos. 10AM would be a good time as there won't be that many people on the beach anyhow. You can't tip the wedding coordinator because they're a Couples staff (you can give them a gift w/card though). What you give the officiate is up to you. You might go with what you'd give your pastor at home.

    The gym is not across the street. It is on the pool level near the main building. They do the massage classes there. Hat, jewelry and other craft classes are done on the beach where the vendors set up or by the pool.

    You're welcome and have a great visit!

    Bart & Bug

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    They do bring hors d'oeuvres to the suites every evening. You are correct about that.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm so excited for my weddingmoon! Now I'm wishing I'd booked more then a week lol. Ok one more question and then I promise I'm done. If we get to Jamaica on a Thursday evening can I get married Saturday morning or will I have to wait until Monday? I've done a search and the answers were conflicting. Some say 72hrs for instance some say 48hrs.

    Thanks again

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    No problem with providing info. Well...there's always the option to return to Jamaica again and again until you've had enough (which just doesn't happen). Once you go you'll want to return...often. When we got married at CSS we had to wait 72 hours to get married, but that was because we arrived on a Sunday (which doesn't count towards the 48 hours required). You can schedule your wedding date/time with Couples on-line. Here's the link to their site: Destination Beach Wedding Packages | Tropical All-Inclusive Wedding.

    You're welcome and have a wonderful weddingmoon!!!

    Bart & Bug

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    We had to arrive on Weds. to get married on a Saturday.. I am pretty sure it has to be the third full day you are there. Also, on the turn-down service - I will tell you they are super sneaky! We were there for 6 nights and we never saw them. One night we were only out of the room for about 30 minutes and they had done it while we were gone. It was amazing, I was for sure thinking they were hiding in the closets waiting until people left! HAHA!

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    Thanks again for the info all. Just wanted to give a quick update. The man and I have our wedding booked for Monday Sep 9 2013 to allow for the 72hrs. There's no turning back now! I haven't even been to Jamaica yet and I can already say couples rocks. I'm so glad I picked them over B or S... less exspensive too.


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