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    Default CN Review (very long)

    Well, we have made it home safe and sound... and about 5 pounds heavier. Once again, Couples has provided us a beautiful experience that we will never forget. The following is a review of our recent stay at Couples Negril:

    Arrival: There are few things in life as welcoming as the Couples' lounge. We were greeted by smiling, helpful staff that quickly took our bags, made our arrangements, and served us our long awaited Red Stripe Lights. The Lounge is easy to find, very clean, comfortable, and decorated with an inviting island blue theme. I have no idea how long we were there, but it was only long enough for a restroom break, a beer, and a refill before we were off to our shuttle bus.

    Transfer: Our bus ride to Negril was beautiful and scenic as always. Our driver was quiet, but very efficient. The bus was clean and the temperature was kept pleasantly cool. We stopped once about halfway at a nice place with clean restrooms, jerk chicken, and beverages. On our ride home, we were thrilled to have a driver that we have had in the past. Just as before, he was funny and very informative in regards to local fact, history, and lore. There is some road construction going on, still, it only took about 1 ½ hours both going and coming. (You might note, however, that currently departures from the resort are an hour earlier due to possible traffic issues with the construction.) Upon arrival, Patrick quickly offered a helping hand off the bus, welcomed us home, and took our bags. I have to admit that I nearly cried at the first glance of our beautiful Jamaican home!

    Check in: Before we could even be seated, we were handed cold towels, followed quickly by glasses of champagne. I really wish that I had noted the young woman's name that checked us in. She seemed genuinely glad to see us, and she was thorough and quick with our check in process. She made sure that we knew about the resort orientation if we needed, asked if we had any special requests, and then turned us back over to Patrick, who escorted us to our room with our luggage.

    Side note on Check in: I have read many complaints on this board regarding the front desk staff at check in. I realize that many of those were legitimate criticisms only meant to improve the resort for future guests and return visits. However, I would also like to add that while we were being checked in, a not so friendly gentleman was being checked in next to us. I'm not sure what his problem was (especially in paradise and considering he had just gotten off the same bus as us), but I am quite sure it would have been better handled in a nicer manner. My point is, that while the lady helping him was being very professional, she certainly was not as friendly as the one helping us.

    Room: We were in a garden view room # 2309. Last time, we were in a beach front room, and though we preferred the view, we loved the convenience of being in building #2. From the balcony, there was a lovely view of the spa and the surrounding gardens. We didn't spend a ton of time in the room, but did enjoy the in-room breakfasts on the balcony. Two robes were provided, which we used almost daily during the rainy hour, while we sipped champagne on our balcony. Our room was cleaned daily, and there was a turn down service provided every evening. Housekeeping was spectacular, and the towel art each day was a nice touch. Though the room was spotless, it did show some signs of wear in the tiles, furnishings, and bathroom. The décor is simple, but very island chic. If you need a 5 star room to make your vacation, you will probably be disappointed. There is a safe in the room and about 6 hangers are provided in the closet. Also provided are an umbrella, hair dryer, iron, and ironing board. We did have a mini bar stocked with soda, juice and water, with a card to request other beverages and alcohol. A bottle of champagne was delivered to our room on day #2 (a really nice touch that we loved). We did not like that you can only get 1 Ting at a time as we like to each have one.

    Pools and grounds: Perfectly kept and beautiful! There is one main pool, the scuba pool, 2 hot tubs by the main pool, and 2 hidden hot tubs (one in the naked zone). The flora of the grounds is the most beautiful that I have ever seen. The evening lighting around the resort is strategically placed to make it a romantic paradise. A camera just cannot catch the delicious aura of a night at Couples Negril!

    Beach and ocean: There are no words I can say to do this justice. The sight of the that water, that beach, and those mountains is spiritual and moving to me. Go and you will know!

    Bars: We frequented the pool bar, the grill bar, the piano bar, and the Terrace bar. We received great service and premium drinks at all 4! Our favorite, however, would have to be the Terrace, due in large part, to our favorite bartender Conroy. I miss him already! We did not use the red flag service, but we were offered a flag every morning right at 10 am.


    Cassava Terrace: Breakfast - MMM MMM MMM best omelets ever! The pastry chef is a genius! … and yep you heard me right, fresh pastries and breads! Yum yum!
    Lunch and dinner – only did once as we do not prefer buffets, but the food with that experience was good.

    Beach Grill: My favorite lunch by far! We had something different every day, and every day it was yummy. Our favorites were the jerk chicken, snapper sandwich, and jerk burger.

    O'Tahiti: The food was delicious and the service was awesome. Be careful of the free flowing wine lest ye be drunk before dessert! Our favorite entree` here was definitely the lamb chops, but they also served the best soup on the resort... The shrimp bisque is not to be missed!

    Lychee: My Favorite! EVERYTHING here is good! I love sushi, and I am very picky about it! Best ever! Be sure to try the deep fried ice cream as it is sinfully decadent! Don't be afraid to try this place. It is truly a fusion dining experience with lots of options even for the not-so-Asian palette. We found it delicious with a very elegant atmosphere! No reservations are required.

    Repeat guest dinner: While this was not our favorite meal, it was very good. It also led us to try some wonderful dishes we might not otherwise have tried. I recommend NOT missing this event! We felt very honored to talk and dine with the people that make the resort work. The menu was specially crafted, and we met some new friends that I hope to keep for a lifetime! Thank you Couples! This was our favorite repeater perk.

    Weather: I often read posts concerned with bad weather predictions for the dates of the posters stay. Thunderstorms were predicted for the duration of both of our trips to Negril. Both trips the weather was not only clear, but truly glorious! It did rain each day for 30 minutes to an hour around mid-afternoon. We welcomed the rain as it cooled the temperature and gave us an excuse for some private time in the room.

    Spa: We only had the complimentary couples massage for romance rewards members, but it was terrific! Hats off to Venicia and Frances! I highly recommend spending the extra $20 for the tree house. The experience was so very soothing. We were allowed to tip the employees of the spa.

    Water sports: We did the snorkeling, scuba, glass bottom boat, catamaran sunset cruise, kayaks, and paddle boats. The sunset cruise is a blast! Be sure to slide down the slide and swim in the caves at pirates cove. Beware the rum punch! hehe. Don't forget to tip the guys on the boat! One of our favorite things was taking out the paddle boats all the way to the edge of the bay. We let down the seat-backs, stretched out, watched the sea life through crystal clear water, and admired the unparallelled beauty of the beach, resort, and mountains. That view should not be missed! The snorkeling was amazing this trip! I have never seen so many colorful fishes, and they were literally swimming right with us! Thanks to Sugar, Goofy and England for being so patient with me!

    Activities: We are early risers, and we enjoyed full days of water sports, so unfortunately, we missed most of the night time activities. They all sounded fun, but the only ones we made were limbo at cassava terrace and the couples game show in the piano bar. Both were a riot, and I hope they are still doing both next time we are there!

    Special mention: Thanks so much to Patrick, Conroy, Andrew, Ricky, Venicia, Frances, KG, Goofy, Sugar, England, Melborne, and all the rest of the wonderful staff for once again making our trip unforgettable. The staff is what truly make this place magical!

    Friends: We enjoyed the company of some amazing folks on this trip! I hope to hear from all of you soon!

    I apologize for such a long review, but as I gather our memories, I realize that even this long review does not begin to scratch the surface of our experience. We will definitely be visiting our Jamaican home again as soon as possible! Please feel free to ask any questions. Pictures will soon come.

    And to Couples Negril and friends... Thanks for all the memories!!!!

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    Thank you for all of that information. I can not wait. We will be there December 7th- 11th. Today I finally got to do the double digit dance--only 99 more days to go. This is our first time, so your review was very helpful. It sounds like a wonderful experience. Thank you. I would love to see pictures.

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    Thanks guys for such a great review...We're leaving for our holiday to CN on the 19th of Sept and cannot wait to experience all this resort has to offer. You may have thought your review was long but for us it only ramps up our excitement level. Thanks Again

    Russ & Clare
    St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

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    Geez, that was one of the nicest, most informative reviews I've yet to read, and I've read many great ones. It seems you didn't leave any info out and your presentation was well laid out. Thanks a lot for this great info, I feel like I got to know CN just a little bit better after reading it.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    I loved your review.We have been to CN five times and all our friends think we are crazy. It is the ultimate vacation and hard as we try to go somewhere else, we just don't want to.

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    What a wonderful review. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

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    Thank you for the long but informative review from your recent stay. We are planning on going in February 2010 and I am already excited about EVERYTHING! I think we made a good choice in choosing CN.

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    I agree, thank you sooo much for your review. My fiance' & I leave on 9/14 and we can not wait. we come

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    I agree..thanks for the great review. We leave on October 18th, also our first time...but from everything I've read on this message board (and I am on it every day!!), I sure hope it won't be our last...Yay for sand, sun and love!
    Shirlee and Ken
    Edson, AB Canada

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    Sounds like another perfect trip to CN.

    Ahhh the never empty wine glass at Otaheite, indeed beware!!!! lol

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    Hi Jenny,

    Loved your review, not sure I could add to it all. Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound. Really enjoyed dinner last Wednesday, wish we were still there.


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    That was an amazing review, thank you so much, we are going there first time Oct. 10-17, 41 days,we can hardly wait.

    Dave and Linda, Tillsonburg, Ontario Canada

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    Thanks for the AWESOME review. Sounds like CN is still the same as we remember it! We are headed there for our 3rd time in just 17 days. Your review brings back many memories. Thank you

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    Wow, excellent review, makes us want to book right now!

    You mentioned the room had a bit of wear and tear, I thought the bathrooms had all been renovated, no?

    Karen & Paul

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    Blondie - Hi, Karin! ME TOO! I'm already planning our next trip.

    KarenON - It's my understanding that many of the rooms have been renovated, but I don't believe that all have been to date. I am sure they are getting them done as quickly as they can. Don't be worried about the room. It was clean and more than comfortable. I only mentioned it because I don't want anyone to expect it to be shiny new with lavish and expensive furnishings. They look pretty much identical to the pictures here on the website, and for us they are perfect!

    To all of you still awaiting your upcoming vacations, I am so jealous! I have no doubt that you will all have the time of your lives.

    Once I have all my pictures together I will make a slide show and post a link here on the forums, but it may take me a week or two. Here are just a couple until then...
    Attached Images Attached Images        

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    Chrisjenn, that was the warmest and most heartfelt review I have ever read, you should post it on Tripadvisor too. My wife and I echo your sentiemnts...

    ps we were there same week as you, I think we bumped Kayaks out by the rocks when you went and you warned us about the secluded beach..

    good luck planning your next visit, like you I hope its as soon as possible.


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    PV- Haha! Yes, that was us in the kayak. I will definately never forget that experience lol.

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    Great review! You worded it beautifully. Your review took me there for a few minutes. Going back for trip #4 in 99 days.

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    Oh my! Your review brought me back to glorious CN! Thanx for the memories. Now I wanna know why one should be "warned about the secluded beach"?? We took kayaks out and around the edge of the bay and found a little beach back up between the rock ledges. Is this where you're talking? Very small and secluded? What happened there, huh? huh? wink wink!

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    First off, very nice pics of you two, chrisjenn. What a handsome couple you make. In fact, now that I think about it, everyone in just about every pic on this site looks great. Doesn't Couples allow ugly people to vacation there? Don't worry, I'll break that rule.

    Secondly, I truly pity Couples financial page when we're there next Spring. If they're serving sushi, I'll personally put them in the red.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    luv2snrkl- Thats the right spot, but lets just say it was already occupied when we got there...

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    Great review!!!! Thank you for the fond memories you renewed. For a second there, it seemed like I had written it as you were SPOT ON identical with our visit back in June (except we were in building 6).

    Fabulous resort, we are CN fans for life and were already planning our NEXT trip on the ride back to the airport to depart!

    Cannot wait until next year for us to get back over there!!!!

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    Great review!
    You hit all the high spots.
    That's why we keep coming back (15 times).
    One Love!

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