Breathtaking”, “Spectacular”, “Awe Inspiring”, “Magnificent”, “Tranquil”, “Enriching”, “Spiritually Moving”, or perhaps just plain WOW.

These adjectives and many others, describe the feelings and emotions that people have had, as they stood gazing out across the Grand Canyon. (heavy sigh) At that moment, there are no words. Just deep emotional feelings. Peaceful and soothing.

I walked around for hours inside the Louvre in Paris. All those words I spoke of came to mind quite often.
There is so much beauty and creation and life in every room and around every corner. Rembrandts that were 10-12 feet tall. The Mona Lisa. The statue of David. You could spend a lifetime wandering around in complete sensory overload. (quiet sigh)

As you enter Notre Dame Cathedral, through a very old looking heavy wooden door, you immediately feel such a sense of solemnity, peacefulness, calming. I stood just inside the door for a few minutes, just staring around that incredible structure. The arches, stained glass, stone work and so much more. Again, words are inadequate. (more heavy sighing)

I have been to a number of countries, and I saw castles, mansions, churches, cathedrals, mountain rages, museums and whole lot more. And the more I traveled, the more I found myself standing somewhere or another, my mouth wide open, almost putting my jaw on my chest. My eyes way open and filled with amazement. A tiny trickle of a smile forming around my mouth.
There you are, in front of some monument or crossing the Alps or walking through the redwoods, Those adjectives I mentioned, flood the body and the brain. Some experiences that pass through our lives, not only create lasting impressions and wonderful memories, that, when you think of those times and places and people, well, it just warms your body and your soul. And it quite often leaves us yearning for just one more visit, one more picture, one more quiet contemplating moment before you must return to this quite insane world and back to some semblance of reality.

Now, these same aforementioned descriptive expressions, have been used to try and explain to those back home, how absolutely fantastic a visit to a Couples location can be.
But more often than not, those words we use to try and describe the beauty all around you, or the feelings you felt on a sultry moon lit night, or the deliciousness of Pumpkin soup, have little or no impact on others, until they too go. Then they will know.

I know. That’s why I go.

Oct. 27, 2012