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    Default Respect and Kudos to Staff at CSS

    We just returned from CSS after spending an extra day due to Hurricane Sandy. Being there during the storm was an unforgettable experience. Pierre and the staff excelled at communication and teamwork. Unfortunatel y the resort took a bit of a beating but even during the worst they were out clearing trees to keep up. As guests, we were still given the best of Couples treatment with food and drink nonstop from staff that stayed voluntarily. We retained power throughout except for 3 hours in the middle of the night when the generators were shut down to conserve energy. The following day they were right back to work cleaning up and we have no doubt they will have things in order quickly. It was a bonding experience for guests and staff as we rode out the storm together while remaining safe and having a bit of festiveness for both. Thank you very much to you all, you never cease to amaze us. Now we are preparing to possibly battle Sandy a second time in New England!

    Trish and Jeff

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    Thanks Trish and Jeff, that sounds like the people we remember. Ii just reminds us why Couple's is our second home. Can't wait to be back in 5 weeks.

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    We completely agree! I have never seen or experienced anything like the staff at CSS. A tree fell during the storm behind the B Block and within 5 minutes they were out there with chainsaws cutting it up. Most of them were unable to go home and had to stay there, despite their families and children being home. I just cannot believe how incredible everything was and how caring and compassionate they all were! One fella from the swim up bar (sorry I forget his name!) was out there before the storm hit running drinks to a big group who were in the hottub! We all had umbrellas over our heads to keep our drinks from being diluted! Everyone deserves a big THANK YOU and I feel like each and every staff member deserves something very special!! Love to each and every one if you, and I'm so blessed to have added some amazing new people to my family! Can't wait for forward! We will soon come! <3

    Sara & Will

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