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    Default Hurricane Sandy

    Just saw the news of the hurricane that passed through Jamaica. I hope that everyone is safe! I hear that the power is out and that there has been a lot of destruction.
    We have booked a trip for November 12th to the 19th at Couples Swept Away. Would it be best to reschedule? Please offer any advice!

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    We are at Couples Swept Away currently and were here when Hurricane Sandy passed through. There is no damage here that we have seen. We would not have even knew a hurricane came through if we had not been informed of it. Today was a gorgeous day and everything was back to normal except there was no diving or other water sports due to the rough seas. In a couple days when the surf subsides, I'm sure everything will back to normal.

    Also we never lost power in our room, although it did flicker a few times. We did loose water a couple different times during the day and last night, but it is back on now.

    Wish we could stay another week!

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