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    Default The Beach at CSS

    Can someone talk some sense into me? I've been reading reviews online and everyone talks about how they don't like the beach at CSS. They say it's too small, too rocky, and some said it wasn't even pretty!!! Please tell me this isn't true!

    My fiance and I have booked our honeymoon (June 21 through the 28!) at CSS and almost feel like booking at another Couples resort because so many people have said they don't like the beach. CSS really called to us when we sat down and looked at all the pictures and we really thought that everything looked perfect.

    Can anyone give me an encouraging word about the beach at CSS? Does anyone have actual pictures of the beach?

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    Default beach

    We went to CSS on a "trading places" this summer and liked it so much we booked for this March coming. That should tell you it's an awesome resort. The beach is not like the Negril side; we've been to CSA twice -- but the beach at CSS is still beautiful and just fine. It's just not on 7 mile beach. The resort itself is built on a cliff, as you know and I think would be very romantic for a honeymoon. Lots of little places to discover. So go and enjoy -- I'm sure you'll love it and we will in March.
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    The beach at CSS is just fine. The sand is nothing like the Negril side of the island. The sand at CN and CSA is white, fine and soft. The sand at CSS is brown, course and hard...more like Iowa river sand. The swimming area at CSS has seaweed in spots, but no rocks, except for Sunset Beach, which really has no place to swim in the ocean...much too rocky. But, it does have a nice Au natural swimming pool. The swimming areas at CN and CSA have pure white sand bottoms, with no seaweed and no rocks. The beaches at CN and CSA are perfect couldn't ask for more. That being said, we spent a lot of time at the CSS beach and enjoyed it very much.

    CSS is by far the most romantic of the Couples resorts. Part of it is built on the cliffs with beautiful greenery, walkways and scenery. The Au Natural area (Sunset Beach) is much larger and completely secluded while the Au Natural beach at CN is right on a public walkway and CSA has no Au Natural area (if that is your thing). CN and CSA have public walkways and veddors walking along the ocean...CSS has a private beach.

    Bottom line: It CSS has called out to you, don't change your reservation just because the beach may not be as nice as the beaches on the Negril side. You will absolutely love it!

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    The beach at CSS is NOT a long, strollable beach. It is a smaller, private beach in a cove. That being said, it is plenty large enough for the entire resort, and there is never a feeling of it being crowded. We like CSA better for a variety of reasons, and the beach is one of them, but weren't disappointed with the beach at CSS. It's just different. The water is still that crystal clear, caribbean blue and it's a really great place to visit. Also, the resort itself is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It's gorgeous!!

    Enjoy CSS. You'll love it.

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    Sammy0415... you do indeed have a choice to make. All four Couples Resorts are quite different from one another. But, all are fantastic, and it is the "Couples feeling" and service that makes them so. Sans Souci spoke to you, and is an amazing and unique place. I have NO doubt it is a great spot for your honeymoon. Many posters say it is the most romantic of the four resorts.

    My wife and I will be going home to CSS for the fourth time this Fall. When we first traveled there, she desired a beautiful beach. And Sans Souci's beaches ARE beautiful! (There are two distinctly different beaches there.) They are perfect in the context of the whole resort. But here is the deal... they are NOT long, expansive, white-sandy beaches that you can stroll for hundreds of yards in either direction. They are compact and private. Intimate, I would say. We were a bit shocked at first to see how small they were. But after a day or two, everything about Sans Souci, including the beaches, seemed just perfect to us. It all fits together. The privacy was a big bonus, too. CSS is a very interesting resort, with lots of trails, intimate spots, lush foliage and beautiful flowers.

    Here is another thing to consider: One of the two beaches, Sunset Beach is au-natural during the day until 5 p.m. If spending time on a nude beach is something you would do, then this aspect is a MAJOR benefit to Sans Souci. Sunset Beach is a great spot on this earth. My wife and I had never done this before, but let me tell you, for us it is an indescribable, and very liberating feeling to be on that beach. We are not "life-style" nudists, and most of the people there are not. You will not find a less judgmental, more friendly group of people than at Sunset Beach. If you go to Sans Souci, I urge you to try the au-natural experience at Sunset Beach early in your stay. You may surprise yourselves at how great it is. If not, you have at least TRIED something totally "outside-the-box."

    Having said this, I am tempted to say, stick with your first inclination. But, I don't think changing would be difficult, if that is what you decide. You really can't go wrong with any of the four Couples resorts. Name:  Jamaica 282.jpg
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    Fear not, soon to be newlyweds, CSS is the BEST honeymoon spot in Jamaica, neigh the whole carribean! You will discover numerous hideaway spots for two on the grounds of CSS. The beach is a private beach for CSS guest only! The sand is warm, groomed daily, and I have never found a rock on the main beach or the beach by the exercise pavilion/mineral pool. The Grotto is a wonderful spot for lovers! Again fear not, you have picked the best of Couples!
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    Book CSA if your looking for a great beach and water. I've been to both CSS and CSA and although the grounds were nice at CSS, the beach and water left a lot to be desired "in my opinion". At CSA you can't get me out of the water at CSS the muck and yuck in the water and the clarity itself was so bad I stayed at the pool the whole week. We tried CSS because we had been at CSA 5X and wanted to try something new, but when we booked this year we booked CSA "I need my beautiful beach".

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    The beach at CSS is very pretty but it's just not anything like the beach on the Negril side of the island where CN & CSA are. The beach in Negril is white sand & they are long beaches that you can take long walks on while the beach at CSS is brown sand & not very large. We had always stayed on the Negril side (CN is our favorite place) until this May when we did the Couples SR & was placed at CSS. We thought that CSS was absolutely gorgeous & totally different than CN or CSA. We were not disappointed because we knew what to expect but I will admit that we REALLY missed the CN (or CSA) beach. Other people love the beach at CSS though because it's private so there are no vendors or other people walking on it. Don't worry about not loving CSS, it's a BEAUTIFUL resort with stunning views that you do not get in Negril. If you want to see some of our pictures, there are 3 photo albums under my profile that show the difference of CSS & CN.

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    there are actually two beaches at CSS
    Both are nice, although, not the same as the beach at Negril

    My favorite part of the beach is hearing the waves crashing against the shore, and feeling the sun beating down on my body, and smelling the salt breeze. Those things are all there in spades at CSS.

    The main beach is relatively short, so if you want to walk for hours along the beach it is not great for that. But on the other hand it is completely secluded. No vendors or hawkers or the such, which I really like. There are not any big waves as it is in a cove so it is great for floating with your love.

    The Sunset Beach is a little deeper than the main beach but the water is much colder as the White river empties into the ocean at one end of the beach. It is also Au Naturel from opening until 5:00pm. I would highly rec SSB. We went there the first day at CSS. We had never tried a "naked" beach. It was so awesome to lie on the beach by our little hut with the sun and the sand and my wife and nothing else.

    That is my take. We love CSS. It is an incredibly romantic resort. I think that it would be a great place to celebrate your honeymoon. We love it so much we will be back at the beginning of July 2010. We will get there right after you guys leave. Have a great time.

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    CSS is NOT negril- the css beach overall is "serviceable"
    It is not as fine grain of sand.
    It is not a walkable beach. If you are beach people or love Negril beaches then manage your expectations accordingly
    Because of CSS location the water is not as calm as long or bloody bay
    Encouraging word think SSB great set up

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    The beach at CSS is smaller than the other resorts, but there is still plenty of room, it never feels crowded. Also the beach is NOT rocky at all. I think, from reading other posts, that the sand at Sunset beach may be rocky, but the main beach is NOT. Here is a pic of the beach...
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    OMG, we just came back from CSS, Two beaches, Au Natural and the regular side. Both BEAUTIFUL!!! We also did trading places with CTI which is beautiful as well but CSS is our favorite and Private. From what I understand at the CN beach other resorts can walk along the beach, not true for CSS. Dont change your plans you will fall in love.

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    I must say that in all my travels the only white beach I have ever seen was a crushed lime stone beach at Lake Placid. Sand is sand colored, which is shades of brown. I couldn't tell any difference in the color between CTI, CSS or CN. I would stay with your first choice, CSS, I'm sure you will love it. Unless you are beach walkers, you only need space for your loungers and drinks and there is plenty of room for everyone. Make sure you sign up for the romance rewards and you will be able to go to CTI and take a look around. For those of us who prefer the Ochi side of the Island, it's because we love the secluded coves that gives you the feeling your on your own little island, without all the jet skis, power boats, and people zipping up and down.

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    We just returned from CSS last month; we've stayed at all four resorts and prefer the Negril beaches.

    The main beach at CSS is small, but it is absolutely beautiful. However, even though the resort was purportedly at less than 50 percent capacity, I still had people put their chairs directly on each side of mine with our chairs touching so that they could get some shade under a palapa as well. I didn't object (I can't tolerate a lot of sun either), but I prefer being able to have a bit more space between myself and strangers. I've never had this issue at CN or CSA (except for one really weird incident at CN's a/n beach, but that's another story).

    As far as the ocean floor is concerned, there is more vegetation and areas where the sand is mucky at CSS. We found the sand to be much firmer in the area where the watersports staff parks the boats, so we stayed in that area.

    Although I've been on the MB for years, I was surprised to find that the ocean floor at the a/n beach is ROCKY! I would definitely recommend water shoes for that beach.
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