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    Default Help! Can't decide on cn deluxe garden vs deluxe beach front

    Help! Can't decide on cn deluxe garden vs deluxe beach front

    This will be for our honeymoon

    Will be staying in July 2013

    Any advice would much appreciated

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    You would not go wrong with either room. Deluxe beachfront has better views and Deluxe garden are closer to the road and can be a bit noisier. Of course Deluxe garden is less expensive

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    We have been to CN 4 times, with our 5th trip just 19 days away. The first 3 times we booked a deluxe beachfront and were in building 6. Very close to the beach and Cassanova. Last year we booked a deluxe garden and were in building 3, further back from the beach. This trip we opted for the deluxe garden again. The rooms were exactly the same and for the savings in price, we are able to extend our visit to 14 days. We enjoyed both locations and because the resort is so compact in size, walking from building 3 to the beach or restaraunts was not a big deal. Whatever you choose, you will love CN. Congratulations.

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    Save you money, go Garden. The Beachfront rooms are not really "on the beach"

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    Deluxe beach front definitely. Or if you really want to do it right go to Couples Swept Away and get the beachfront veranda suite.

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    I'd go beach front all the way! We'll be returning July 2013 for our 10th anniversary - we were married there July 2003. Enjoy!

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    We have stayed in both. They are both the very exact same room. You are not staring at the ocean in a beachfront room. Save your money and take the garden room. Treat yourself at the spa instead.

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    We always stay in the garden rooms. Only in the room long enough to shower and sleep. Rest the time we are on the beach, save the money for other things you might want to do.

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    When are you staying? We will be there in July also for our honeymoon and we too couldn't decide if we wanted to "splurge" for this trip and get a beachfront room, but we ended up choosing the garden deluxe room because of these reasons:

    -It's the cheapest room (so we can save money for off site excursions/tipping, etc)
    -we are never in our rooms on vacation except to sleep/get ready.. why waste $ on a beachfront when you can be on the beach! lol
    -the hottub next to the scuba pool is right near the garden deluxe rooms!

    I agree with Caribbeanlovers--save your money for other things and book the garden deluxe!

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