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    My girlfriend and I will be getting married at CSS on December 6th. Since it will just be the two of us, I understand that CSS will provide a witness for our ceremony. If we wanted to take pictures with our own camera, would it be appropriate to ask the witness to take some pictures? We would like to have a backup in case we decide not to go with one of the photography packages. Any suggestions would be appreciated..................Thanks!

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    I have heard many people say they had one of their friends (old or new) go around and take pictures as well as the resort photographer. I was planning on doing that, but ended up going with an outside photographer (Diana and Richard Cambell). It was just much more for the money versus the resort photographer, and since it was just us - I didn't want to skimp on the pictures. =)
    Whatever you decide it will be beautiful and congrats!

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    When we got married at csa, it was just the two of us also. Our witnesses were the wedding coordinator and the videographer. I would feel funny asking one of those people to take pictures, just me. Maybe you could make friends with another guest? We did the resort photographer and the smallest package and were just fine with that. I know prices have gone up since then( 04), but it's worth it. We also did the video and watch that often, very well done. Good luck!

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    Congratulations, we're renewing our vows @ CSS on December 6th at 2:00!

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    I am a professional wedding photographer, great local rates contact me at 716 777 3380.Julian

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    Congrats! We are heading back for a day,December 14th, on business. Will you still be around?

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