Sometimes, it feels as though I have known her my whole life. Was she really a part of my life when I was young? No, not really. In fact, I donít think that I ever thought about her or even knew that she existed, let alone know where in the world she was.
I never had dreams about someday discovering a magical mesmerizing, and somewhat mysterious, fem fatal. I could not have possibly have been able to tell, all those years ago, that she would enter my life in such a casual way, and that we would become so entwined that when were apart, my heart ached.

Her graciousness and kindness, her marvelously accommodating nature, and a sincerity that is unequaled. All the individuals that work with her, all the guests that have met her, all have the same deep feelings of love and admiration. To spend time with her, is a most precious gift. She is the ageless caretaker of four very special places, that have been offering sanctuary to any and all that may reach her sandy shores. I think of her spirit that envelops the tiny inlet where she resides, and in doing so, I can feel her warmth around my shoulders, her soft caress of my cheek, and an embrace that is all to brief.

It was all so innocent when we met more than seventeen years ago. Thinking back, I never imagined that we would ever see each other again, after that first time. I cried almost all the way back to the airport.
And for a long time after I go home. Anxiety flooded my head, nerves became frayed. Being away from her and back in our dull drab existence, became unbearable. Work was impossible. Day after day of suffering through those withdrawals. The jerk chicken didnít taste the same, the reggae only made me more despondent. It was not good. Not good at all.
There has never been anything else in my entire life, that had me so overwhelmed and, while I didnít know it at the time, would have me craving to see her, to read about her, to look at pictures of her. To think about her and openly declare my love and appreciation for her spirit and for her being.

This woman, this lovely lady I speak of, resides in the hearts and minds of every couple that ever stayed at any of her four palaces. And for anyone that has ever been fortunate enough to spend quiet time in her domain, your lives have been enriched in such a way, that to stay away for to long, will only bring sadness and despair.

To you, my long time gracious hostess, my painfully long separation from you and weeks and months of waiting, is almost at an end. Soon I will see the bright sunlight that baths your white exterior in soft ripples of butter yellow drizzle.
I am so much more than anxious at the thought of our being reunited. If only for brief period of time. For any moment with you is memorable.

In fourteen days, I will, once again, and with great pleasure, come face to face with a place that you may read about in some magazine, but never imagined you would ever actually go there. I know how you feel.

In fourteen days, I will enter my 72 year on this planet. Arriving at CTI and a birthday. Well, I donít really think it gets any better than that.