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    My husband & I are going home to CSA 12/1-12/8!!! We previously traveled in November & in the middle of the week. I am seeing lots of posts about long lines at Immigration on Saturdays & was wondering if anyone that has traveled on a Saturday in December has any insight. We are trying to decide if it is worth the extra $80pp for the MoBay lounge arrival option. Any input would be appreciated!


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    We usually travel mid-week and have never had long lines at immigration. In February, our return flight was cancelled on a Friday and we had to fly out on Saturday. The line to get through customs was snaked twice through the airport and it took over 2 and 1/2 hours to get through. Not sure if this is the norm for a weekend, but if it is, I would definitely purchase the MoBay departure option.

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    We arrived on a Saturday in Jan 2011. The wait to get through immigration was at least an hour. We also departed on a Saturday and I do not remember the line to get back through customs was much longer than 15 minutes.

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    We arrived Sat. last March. When we got off the plane and walked down the ramp to arrrivals we hit the line and it went way up the ramp and I thought OMG. The line moved very well and having been there before we were very well versed in having that immigration form filled out properly. It wasn't as bad as i thought. The good thing is when you get to the luggage it's there waiting.

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    We usually go the same week you are going ( are going to CSS Dec 1-8 again this year) The time through immigration varies, usually a half hour to 45 ;minutes, Even if it looks like the line is really long, it moves very quickly. Customs is usually just a few minutes. (We never have anything to declare). Due to my husbands health, we had requested a wheel chair, and we breezed through it all last year. (they have a special line for wheelchairs, and it is usually pretty short). We had usually arrived at around 2-2:30 and were to the resort by 4:30 or 5.

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    We will be in CSA from 12/1-12/7! Hopefully see you there!
    I'm hoping the line through immigration isn't too bad. When we arrived on a Saturday back in Feb 2011, immigration was close to an hour and a half. We landed around 12:30 and didn't arrive to CTI until after 5:00pm.
    I forgot about the MoBay Club.. I'll have to look into that again....

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