We were at Couples Negril 3 Years ago, and totally fell in love with "Couples". I want to buy this as a Christmas gift for the wife.

The question is the same for everybody I guess.... which resort to choose?

I am leaning towards Swept Away because of the beach, but very intrigued by Sans Souci since I've already been to CN.

Based ont he reviews I read, people complain about the noise and smaller rooms at CSA, and at CSS, it's the lack of chairs at pool/beach, but CSS's setting looks marvelous (we are fit, don't mind the stairs)

The "Red Flag" on the beach was our favorite at CN, do they have this at CSS? What about snorkeling? We are not nudists, how is the regular beach at CSS? Do they have the floating chairs like at CN?

Any advise on Rooms at both?

Will be traveling at the end of June