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    Default This has been asked a million times - which one is best for us?

    We were at Couples Negril 3 Years ago, and totally fell in love with "Couples". I want to buy this as a Christmas gift for the wife.

    The question is the same for everybody I guess.... which resort to choose?

    I am leaning towards Swept Away because of the beach, but very intrigued by Sans Souci since I've already been to CN.

    Based ont he reviews I read, people complain about the noise and smaller rooms at CSA, and at CSS, it's the lack of chairs at pool/beach, but CSS's setting looks marvelous (we are fit, don't mind the stairs)

    The "Red Flag" on the beach was our favorite at CN, do they have this at CSS? What about snorkeling? We are not nudists, how is the regular beach at CSS? Do they have the floating chairs like at CN?

    Any advise on Rooms at both?

    Will be traveling at the end of June

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    We've been to both CN and CSS, as well as CTI and CSA, and have found the first two to be our favorites. Choosing a resort is like buying a have to do your homework, see which has what you're looking for and then make the choice.

    CSA is a very nice resort though the beach is longer and less deep than CN. We've stayed there twice and never had a problem with noise. Our room, on both occasions, was in the center of the resort in a beachfront suite, which is very nice. We've heard that it can be a little louder at either end, near the Palms or Great House, but have never experienced that ourselves. We considered going back this year and staying in an atrium suite, which we hear are really nice and located just behind the beachfront suites, but unfortunately found the resort full during the time we planned to travel.

    CSS has more of a Mediterranean appearance with ample room to roam and lush, tropical vegetation. In our 4 trips to this resort, during April, we've never had a problem with finding a chair on the beach (we're not real pool people). While some don't like the stairs, we enjoy them...especially after a large meal where we need to get rid of that "stuffed" feeling. They will deliver your favorite beverage to you at this resort as well when you raise your flag. The regular (textile) beach is small with comparisson to either CN or CSA but is suitable for this resort...although the sand isn't the soft, white stuff you find in Negril. They do have the floaties that can be taken out to enjoy in the water. We've liked the one bedroom ocean suite the best and deluxe ocean verandah suite also as they afford breathtaking views.

    Hopefully this has given you some help in choosing a resort. The good thing to remember is that no matter which Couples Resort you choose you're sure to have a great visit.

    Best wishes!

    Bart & Bug

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    negril was great but css is AMAZING

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    We are booked for our third trip to CN in May 2013. We are so happy with our past 2 vacations at CN that we cannot find the nerve to try one of the others. The spreadout features of CSA takes away from the appeal of that resort. The difference in the beach features between CN and CSS and CTI steer us away from those. Good Luck on your decision.

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    I booked CSS 1 bedroom ocean suite, june26-july 3.... Can't wait! Wife will be pleased on xmas day when she finds out

    After our experience at CN, we both swear by Couples.... I hope to have a different, but equally enjoyable experince at CSS

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    We believe you're going to love CSS! One of the things we look forward to on our visits there is the Friday night Starlight Gala. It's fabulous!!

    This will be one Christmas present she won't want to exchange!! She'll be pleased???? Thinking the word extatic would be more like it!!!!

    You previously asked about the snorkeling at CSS. It's not as good as at CN, due to the water usually being a little more choppy, but still great. If you take a roll from breakfast with you you'll have lots of fishy friends visiting with you and posing for pictures.


    Bart & Bug

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