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    I know that the whole point of a vacation to Jamaica is to relax and hang by the beach, but I'm the type that can only do that in short bursts. So what type of boat is available for waterskiing at CSS? Is that activity usually packed? Same for Paddleboarding? Can you grab a SUP early in the morning? I like paddling before breakfast, is that possible? What activities do you have to signup in advance for? Is the activity itinerary example on the website similar to a typical weekly itinerary? What would be the benefit of going to CTI for the day?

    I am obviously a newbie and want to make sure I know what to fully expect at CSS.

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    So no one who has been to CSS has any information on the watersports?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djtj14 View Post
    So no one who has been to CSS has any information on the watersports?
    It's a moderated board ... give the moderator a chance to read responses and let them post, plus some people don't visit the message board daily. I do, but haven't been to CSS yet, so no, I can't speak to the question. Be patient, it can take a few days to start getting responses.

    CSS Oct. 2013

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    We signed up to do kneeboarding at CSS and had no problems getting a spot for the following day. If I remember correctly we had to sign up the day before because the boat was at CTI and had to be brought over.
    Honeymoon @ CSA 2010; CSS 2011 & 2012; CTI June 2013

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    Nothing at CSS is packed. You will feel as if you are the only ones. Oh, sure there may be other folks around but the guest / staff ratio is outstanding and personal attention is their desire.
    CSS has a nice Ski boat and they’ll take you around the bluff into a nice smooth bay.
    While at SSB we watched them having a ball in the bay quite a few times.

    CTI has a bigger SCUBA boat (Leo) yet both resorts dive the same sites.
    Water sports is about the same. I would say the skiing may be better at CSS because of the bay.

    CSS has a bunch of kayaks, the cats are nice and the boards look good. They have some water bikes too.

    Just chat up the water sports team when you get there. Great group of fun loving guys…Nickolas, Leon, Patrick, Barrington, Junior, Kamar….. all of them. They will hook you up with everything. You won’t be sitting if you don‘t want to….trust me.

    Go, enjoy your time in Jamaica and CSS you’ll have great fun…and tell them Marcus Garvey says Hi!

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    there is a list of activities, either in your room or on the hut, that will tell you when everything is and when it's offered

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    Hi, Have only been to CSA. (But just booked CSS for end of Nov last night!) However, on the main Couples web site for your selected resort (CSS in this case, but true for all), go onto the sidebar and select Activities. Then look at the bottom of the resulting page for a link to a PDF file with the daily activities schedule. This is subject to change, of course, but is pretty spot-on from my CSA experience and gives a good idea of what's on. BTW, the watersports dept will open in the morning, likely 8 or 9am, so will depend on when you want to have breakfast v/s a paddle. May be worth bringing your own snorkel gear so you can use it anytime (even early AM). Also, there is a Dunns River Falls outing included I believe. (I went there years ago during a cruise stop but will go again.) For the falls you will need aqua socks (NOT flip flops) for climbing the rocks. They can be rented at the falls, but better to bring your own to ensure a good fit. Don't worry about the activity angle. My BF and I are the same as you, and we were FAR from bored at CSA, which is why we're returning to Couples! :-)

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