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    Default Flight Options - Booking On-Line Through Couples

    Does anyone know if Couples is able to get other flight options than the ones they list through on-line booking? I am flying from Ottawa, Canada and the only options that seem to be available are overnight flights which reduce your stay by one day. I am going to call them and ask, but I thought I would see if anyone might know the answer first.


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    Hello Jenni. We are also from Ontario Canada but quite a bit further North. We are headed to CSA in January for visit number 6. I find that I am able to get better flights if I book only the resort portion of the trip through Couples and book my flights on my own directly with the airline. We fly out of Thunder Bay and i was able to get awesome flight times with Westjet for this trip. Have never had an issue when doing it this way. You are going to love Couples. We discovered CSA 6 years ago and are definitely hooked!

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    Jenni - We are from Kingston, ON! We are going for our 7th trip to CSS (9th to Couples) the first week of December. We usually book through Travel Last Minute or Expedia, with a package deal, but for this trip we booked the hotel through Couples (the price was better than a package deal would give us), and then booked our own flight with West Jet out of Ottawa. My niece works at the Flight Center at the Bayshore Mall in Ottawa, and they are usually able to get very good prices on flights to Montego Bay. We are going to CSS again the second week of April. For that trip we have our room booked through Couples, and will book a flight through the Flight Center when the price looks good.

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    We booked our trip through WestJet for next June. Ottawa via Toronto, about a 2 hour layover in Toronto same on the way back.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Although I wanted to book through Couples this year - resort credits etc and a cheaper price, I spoke to them today and they only have access to the overnight flights. I will look every day to see if things change, but unfortunately I will most likely be booking through Expedia, Sell-Off Vacations or Trip Central.

    Randymon - something to think about. If Couples had access to better flight times from Canada, more people might book through Couples directly.

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    Hey KarenON... hooray for Kingston! My most lovely wife and I are headed to CSS Nov. 24th to Dec. 2nd. Our 7th stay at beautiful Sans Souci and Sunset Beach. (Laurie likes to turn 50 every year since 2006!)

    A couple years back we discovered the Wolfe Island Ferry as a way to get to Picton and Music at Port Milford where our daughter was in music camp for the summer. What a great way to get into beautiful Canada on our way to the awesome county of Prince Edward, home of the best Pinot Noir in the world from The Old Third Vineyard. Kingston was a fun town to visit on that trip.

    Possibly we will have a day or two to say hello on Sunset Beach. (Good advice to book the hotel and air fare separately. Even from the U.S. that is usually better).

    See you at Sans Souci!

    Dan and Laurie

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    Dan and Laurie - Hey there!! We love it here in Kingston, and the drive to Picton is a very picturesque one. Did you take the Glenora Ferry over to Picton? We are renewing our vows on December 6th at CSS. Sans Souci, and its wonderful staff, have stolen our hearts! We will be at CSS about 1:00 pm on Saturday, Dec 1st. We will probably have a quick lunch at Palazzina, and then head over to SSB. Keep an eye out for us, and please come over and say hi! It would be great to meet you!!

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