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    Default First trip to CTI

    i just have a few, probably silly, questions for anyone willing to help this will be our 3rd trip to Jamaica, but first time at a couples resort. We will be at CTI . I was wondering if there is a spot at the resort where I can get a latte or cappuccino? Also wondering how many restaurants require long pants for men. I would also like to make sure we will not need any kind of adaptor for the plugs. Finally, since I don't want to appear cheap, I want to reiterate that there is NO tipping allowed??? Including bell hops??? And also,if anybody has any helpful hints and suggestions pertaining to CTI I would love to hear them, thanks!

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    I haven't been for 9 years, returning for our 10th Anniversary this July!

    Latte/Cappuccino - I don't know this one, I didn't really drink them then, but that would be awesome! Otherwise, the resort serves Blue Mountain Coffee and it is incredible. Very strong, one small cup with cream does just fine. While in Jamaica, enjoy as the locals do.

    Long Pants - I'd plan on dressing up every night. You do have the option of the snack bar, but for us, part of the fun is dressing for dinner and enjoying the nice sit down restaurants.

    No adapters needed.

    Tipping - None, None, None! Although, I have read that some like to sneak a tip, it is not necessary, and could in fact get them in trouble if caught. Why risk it? Secondly, we have also taken to "tipping" with items buy a carton of cigarettes at the airport duty-free and give them to your bartenders (if they smoke) - this has also been used as a great bartering tool with street vendors, crayons/markers, coloring books for housekeeping - they can bring them home to their families, lipsticks, nail polishes, etc. These items are not expensive to us, but a great luxury for them! Again, 100% not necessary, but if you really WANT to, this is an option.

    Enjoy! So Romantic!

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    We've never looked for a latte or cappuccino so can't help there. As for restaurants requiring pants for men...only one, Eight Rivers. Adaptors are not required for those using US plugs. You're correct, Couples has a strict "No tipping" policy. This includes any Couples employee but does not include those contracted by Couples (i.e. massages at the Spa). One thing that many will do instead is to bring gifts to give to those who've made their stay special. But remember, gifts must be accompanied by a note to the person or they could be fired for stealing. Only one thing comes to mind for helpful hints...prepare to relax, enjoy and be pampered!!!

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    Part of the Logo Shop (beachside, underneath the walkway outside the Verandah restaurant) serves coffee -- expresso, lattes, etc. The machine was broken the time we were there, though. I'm sure it's fixed by now! lol!

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    rae_Dave beat me to it! :-) I love lattes at home, but have found the coffee delivered early by room service, with a bit of cream, enjoyed on my balcony in my bathrobe while the ocean glitters, the little birds fly by, and my sweetie is still sleeping to be just about the best cup of coffee I've ever had. I only have the one cup a day, so if you're an afternoon coffee drinker you may want that latte from the logo shop after all. This spring will be our third trip, and I can't wait!

    I see your profile says you're from the US, so no, you won't need special adapters for any electronics.

    The restaurant dress codes aren't super specific, but I asked my husband (who is a pretty casual guy) and he said he would wear pants for dinner everywhere except The Patio Restaurant and The Pool Grill. Going from my own memory, I saw a few guys in shorts and tank tops at dinner in The Patio, but they were definitely not the norm. Long pants (not jeans) and shoes (no flip flops or sneakers) are needed for Eight Rivers.

    No tipping, anywhere, really. Learn the names of the staff that go above and beyond for you--they will--and be sure to include them by name in your comment card. Writing letters to the front office staff when you get home is also a great idea.

    When are you going? Enjoy! :-)

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    Yes. If it is during the day there is a gift shop by the beach. If you want one at night, there is a machine in the piano bar also.

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    You can get specialty coffees at the gift shop that is on the beach level. It's over in the corner of the shop. They'll make you whatever you want and I went there every afternoon for my caffeine pick me up.

    No tipping on the resort except for the spa people. Tip the baggage guy at the airport and the driver to and from the resort.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks for the help! We arrive nov 5-11 hoping all is well after the hurricane, and weather outlook improves for our week there. The last resort we stayed at had a fancy coffee place that you could get non or alcoholic coffee and I got one on the way to the beach everyday, figured that would be the only thing I would miss.

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    We went for the first time in January 2012 and loved it! Someone recommended taking the tour that is offered by CTI in the afternoon after you check-in. It is well worth the time to learn where everything is. Helpful hint: Don't over pack your suitcase. I brought too many clothes as I ended up spending most of the week in a swim suit and only needed to dress for dinner. Be sure to visit the concierge desk as soon as possible after you check-in. There you can make reservations for dinners, the Catamaran, etc. Some people we met waited too late to make reservations and didn't get to participate in things that were full. A lot of people we met skipped the Smoothie Bar on the beach but it was my favorite spot for a light lunch or snack. We loved it so much that we already booked a return stay! Have a great time.

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    Tip: Get frozen coffee from the Logo Store, take ti to the bar, and add Overproof Rum Creme.

    Thank me when you get back.

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