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    Default Helicopter to CTI

    Has anyone flown by helicopter to Ocho rios ? We are interested in using the transportation as also a tour sight seeing excursion. Any company better than another? We are going 12/28/12----1/5/13 flying into Montego bay. Heading to CTI
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    Please let me know about this. we're fling in on 1/16 to CTI. If the price is right, we will take the tour too.
    Scott & Jen

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    I honestly had not clue they had a chopper at the airport, but the Ochi tour is about 1k for 2 people. (takes off and returns to Ochi)

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    $1000.00 jamaicain or Americain? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeniper29 View Post
    $1000.00 jamaicain or Americain? LOL
    1k Jamaican would allow you to look inside the craft, not fly in it.

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