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    Default Current promotion compared to others???

    I have never been to couples, but plan on going in the fall. To all of you the current promotion the best I am going to see, or will there be a new similar deal next month?


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    The current promo is as good as I have seen it get! The FILA rates may or may not change (certainly not likely to go down anymore in price), but the $500 credits (now available for 2010 only) are likely not to return once least for a while. There were credits available for travel this year, but they went away at the end of April and there has been no mention of offering them again. The only chance you would have at getting a better rate (in my judgement) would be if you found a Wednesday Deal that fit your travel wishes. Good luck!

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    crabracers Guest


    Grab it. I don't think there will be another one next month.


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    If you book before June 30, not only do you get great prices, you get the $500 credit. On top of that, if you book online and use the Love Away Plan, you can pay monthly and also there's a guarantee that if the resort rate goes down, all you have to do is call and they will credit you for the difference.

    We're booked already for next Feb. What I do is have a permanent Couples Resorts tab on my opening page so every day, or every time I go online, I click that tab and check the hot deals to see if the price is lower.

    What could be better? Ya just have to pay attention and you couldn't possibly get a better deal!

    Have a great time. You will absolutely LOVE everything about Couples!

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    You can book today for $100 and cancel 46 days prior to your arrival with no problem. If you feel you need insurance you can purchase that as well and cancel anytime.

    Secret Rendezvous is also a pretty good deal but you dont get the credits.

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    Thanks for the help...I'll go ahead and book for CN in September. Can't wait

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    I would book before the end of the month for the BEST deal. After June 30 the deals change as well as the early booking special unless it gets extended.

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