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Thread: November 2013

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    Default November 2013

    Booked for the week before Thanksgiving next year already! I have two other trips booked to Jamaica before this one, but love Couples! Working on a group - let the countdown begin!

    Couples Negril 2005
    Couples Tower Isle 2011
    Couples Sans Souci 2013

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    We are booked also! Arriving the saturday prior to thanksgiving! We are so excited to go back to Sans Souci! We were there for New Years Eve 2011/2012 and loved it! This year we tried Swept Away and we really liked it but Sans Souci stole our hearts!

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    We are booked for the 9th through the 16th and will be there for our daughters wedding. It would be great if we could meet up with others any they could share on the wedding experience since none of there friends can make the trip. Please let me know if you can join us even just to toast to there happy day?

    Don and Shawn

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    We'll be making a return visit to CSS November 2 - 9. Counting down the days....

    Karen & Paul

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    Default Sans Souci November 2013

    We haven't booked yet but late November is looking good for us!!! We'll come back and let everyone know for sure.

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    We are booked at CSS from Nov 13th through 20th. It is our first time to any Couples resort and I am already counting down the days! We are 29 and 33 years old and we are celebrating 10 years of being together! Hope to meet some great people on our trip!

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    Hi Jim &Judy here in north texas we will be there between Nov. 4th thru 13th most of our time ill be on SSB
    this will be our 7th time here cant wait to get back

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    Hi ya Jim&Judy here in Texas. Are there any other Texans going in Nov.4th thru 13th this is our retirement trip we both 54 cant wait to get back hope to meet a lot of nice people again

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    Just booked our trip "home" for Nov.6th thru the 13th! This will be our 3rd trip to CSS with two prior trips to CTI prior to the renovations. Look forward to SSB. Plan on playing golf this time, would anyone else be interested?

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    hi rickndebbie Jim &Judy here in texas this will be our 7th time a couples we love SSB both here 55 looking foward to meeting lots of new people see you there

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    Hi jim and judy! I'm 54 going on 55 and Rick just turned 65. Look forward to meeting you both!

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    Hi all this will be our 2nd trip to CSS. We are 44 and 45 arrive 14th Nov for a week .,,,,,..can't wait :-)

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    Hi Chillin! Where are you from? Rick and I are from Reading, PA. Hope we get a chance to meet you in November. We arrive on Nov 13 and are there for a week also? This will be our third trip to CSS.

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    Hi Rick and Debbie great to hear from you. We are from the UK really looking forward to the trip it's been 5 years since our last visit !

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    hi Rick & Debbi . Jim & Judy here from Texas ,we will be ther 4th thru 13th of Nov. might see you all its be two years sence we been there cant wait to get back this will be out 7th time at CSS we spend most of our time at SSB

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    My wife and I are coming 11/9 thru 11/17 from the Philadelphia area. She'll be working during the day while I play. She is 41 and I'm 39. We're looking forward to it, we've never been to any resort of any kind.

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    Hi guys!!! My husband and I will be there from the 10th thru the 15th We are 27 and 31 from Ohio and would love to meet up for a drink sometime. You will LOVE the resort. We went to CTI a few years ago for our Honeymoon and had an amazing time!

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    Good morning to you !
    We will also be at CSS from nov 8 to 15 for our wedding schedule on nov 11.
    We will be only the 2 of us, no friend or family (our choice !!!)
    It could be great to meet others couple to celebrate this !!!

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    Congrats for your wedding ameliemario sure u will have a great time :-)

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    Ameliemario - my hubby and I would love to toast with you on your wonderful day!! We can't wait We arrive on the 10th!

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    Karmak, We would be please to cheer with you !!! You will arrive just the day before our wedding so we will probably enjoying "some" drinks before the big day !!! Surely in the lobby.
    Probably we won't be hard to find ... 2 frenchies in Jamaīca !!! ;-))
    I completely understand how you feel , I can't stop dreaming about my next trip. First time in Jamīca, first time in a Couples hotel. Surely too much in the same time !!!
    Hope we will be able to find each other !
    Until then, keep counting the days !

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    We will be at CSS for Thanksgiving 2013 as well. I was wondering if there is anything special they do for Thanksgiving. Yes, I know it is a US holiday, so maybe the "specialness" is just being at Couples, which is great by itself!! But, just curious....

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    In my last post I said we would be arriving on the 13th. We will actually be going home on the 13th, but enough of that. We do arrive on the 6th and will be there through the 13th. Glad to see more people responding to the November thread. First timers, you will have an amazing time. CSS is so relaxing and beautiful and there is plenty to keep you busy if that is what you want to do. This will be our 5th time staying at a Couples resort and 3rd time at CSS. Look forward to sharing a drink and making new friends. 16 weeks to go

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    Hi Chillin

    This will be about our 4th trip to Sans Souci although we haven't been for a while, favouring Mexico for the last few years.
    We are arriving on the 18th for a week before moving on to Negril.

    We too are from the UK, Hertfordshire. We are so looking forward to visiting CSS again and making new friends.

    Richard & Jacky

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    hi ya Rickndebbie, Jim & judy here in Texas we will also be there on the 4th thru the 13 of Nov this is our 7th time to come here , we mostly stay over a SSB hope to see yall and have a drink see you there

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