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Thread: November 2013

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    oops I made a mistake in my last post. I think Kaci & Steve are already there.. It's BJ and Jon who, if I'm right this time, are arriving Saturday.... What time are you guys arriving at MBJ? I can't wait!!!!!! :-)

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    Yeah..... We've arrived!

    Crashed early last night but looking forward to meeting everyone.

    A few laps of the lake (pond), breakfast and we'll hit SSB.......

    Richard & Jacky

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    We arrive on Tuesday! 6 more days to go!

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    Got back last Saturday. Just wanted to say that it was nice meeting Chillin and Jamaicabound13 last week - cheers! Sorry we didn't find you, Richard and Jacky - or maybe we did and we just didn't figure it out.

    Sheila & Ray

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