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    Default Club MoBay VIP arrival service and departure Lounge

    Just saw this option when I was looking at booking my March trip to CN. We used the departure lounge last year and it was great - well worth the cost.

    It appear that they now have an arrival service as well - Has anybody taken advantage of this. According to the Couples On-Line booking site the departure lounge and what comes with it is $30.00 per person. The VIP arrival service and departure lounge is $80.00 per person.

    I would be interested in knowing exactly what services are provided.



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    If the VIP arrival service allows you to bypass the RIDICULOUS backup of tourists at the immigration line, then I will pay gladly. If it's just an enhanced version of the already available couples lounge then what's the point? Our goal is to spend the least amount of time possible in the airport and get on our way to the resort (or home).

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    If anyone has done the arrival, I would love to know more! I never even considered that it could move you through that terrible, long wait.

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    I would love to know this as well - if it could get us through immigration faster, it's worth it!

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    Default Couples lounge

    I am very interested to hear from anyone who has used the lounge and what is exactly included. We are going to CTI 12/28/12

    Is it worth the 80 dollars?
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    Here is the link and text from the Couples add ons. It looks like you are escorted through Immigration. I think I will look into adding this onto my reservation. Anything to get through immigration quicker!!

    CLUB MOBAY VIP lounge
    Please enjoy Club Mobay services at MBJ Sangster International Airport.
    Arrival service:
    Meet off the plane
    Escorted through immigration & security
    Receive refreshment and cold towel
    Co-ordinate and accompany you to the Couples Resorts lounge
    Departure service:
    Club Mobay lounge features include fast track access through security and immigration and entrance to the
    personalized VIP Club Mobay departure lounge. Receive complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic
    beverages, fresh fruits, pastries and sandwiches. Use of Digicel business center, unlimited wifi, international
    cable TV, kids themed area, Jamaican cultural exhibits, magazines and daily local newspapers as well as shower
    facilities. Mini spa treatments are available at an additional cost and if you would like to pre book a treatment
    you can email
    If you are purchasing hotel only via please contact Club Mobay and provide them your
    arriving and departing flight information. Include following: your full names, date your will be flying back
    home, airline name, flight numbers, departure times and Couples Resorts reservation number.
    If you have any queries please contact or + 1 876 381 029

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    We won passes to the MoBay VIP lounge (Thank you CSS) for our departure from Jamaica. I have to say, it was very nice. We had a fully stocked bar at our disposal, our own sofa and flat screen TV, plenty of snacks and sandwiches (all free). We felt like we were in our family room watching TV while we were waiting to board our flight. We took a few snacks for the flight, and when we were ready for the lines, we showed our passes, and bypassed everyone in line. It was like we were VIP's for a few minutes. I have to admit, the VIP lounge was empty, but you could get a haircut or even a massage while you were waiting for a fee I assume. I don't know if I would do the arrival, as the Couples lounge is part of the trip for us. Getting that first drink in the Couples lounge signals the start of our vacation!..........Have fun if you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madtown mom View Post
    If anyone has done the arrival, I would love to know more! I never even considered that it could move you through that terrible, long wait.
    Here is a link to the TA reviews of Club MoBay. There is a recent review about the VIP service.

    Save your money! Do not buy Club Mobay VIP tickets!! - Review of Club Mobay Departure Lounge, Montego Bay, Jamaica - TripAdvisor

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    Never mind my previous post. The VIP service being referred to was just the normal MoBay Club Pass pre-daparture.
    Still some good reviews on TA, with the exception being the two most recent reviews.

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    You should remember that when you arrive in Jamaica and get through customs it is usually no more than a 15-20 minute wait before your bus leaves. During that wait you can get beer or non alchoholic drinks at the Couples Lounge. I would not waste my money on the arrival part of this unless it actually speeds you past the immigrations lines. Then I might take a second look.

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    Not heard anything about arrival but just did depature loaunge which was very good. especially as we had a three hour delay. We arrived on a Tuesday and had no issue coming in, no wait.

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    If they had arrival at the USA that would get us through quicker I would be all in. Must be lucky in Jamaica have never been there longer then 20 minutes and we arrive on a Friday morning always. It is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim-n-Lisa View Post
    If the VIP arrival service allows you to bypass the RIDICULOUS backup of tourists at the immigration line, then I will pay gladly. If it's just an enhanced version of the already available couples lounge then what's the point? Our goal is to spend the least amount of time possible in the airport and get on our way to the resort (or home).
    Really? I never thought Sangster was that bad. It is much less of a hassle than getting into other countries I have traveled to.

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    My understanding is that it is pointless for arrivals...since Couples has their own lounge anyway. Unless they have changed something, it does NOT allow you to bypass the Immigration line - but as I said, things may have changed.

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    If i already booked my trip and paid for it is it too late to get the MoBay VIP Arrival and departure Lounge??

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    VIP Arrival Service is not needed...the bus does not leave until everyone is accounted for. Hint, Biy you Club Mobay departure pass at Couples, it is $10 cheaper than if you buy it at the Club Mobay terminal...

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    For what it's worth, the Club MoBay website lists arrival services as "coming soon". If in fact this is now available, it would be great to hear from someone who has used the service. We arrive in Jamaica on Saturday afternoons and the immigration wait has been at least 2-3 hours. Any sort of fast track here would be worth the money to us.

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    This is going to be our 6th trip to Couples (CSA). I guess all you folks that have money to burn can go to this VIP lounge, but $30 per couple, I can think of better way to spend my hard earn money.

    The lines going through customs coming into Jamaica are really fast and then getting to the Couples is a breeze just down the hall. Once there you can get a cold towel, cold drink of your choice, or as we do, change your clothes for the ride. Just relax and enjoy since Couples is ADULT ONLY you never have to worry about kids running around you unattended. You don't spend that much time in the Couples lounge anyways, then your wisked off to the resort before you know it. Go and enjoy, it's the start of your vacation ......

    YA MON

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    Another way to get fast-tracked through security is to be on least for departure. When we were there in 2010 my husband had a broken ankle. When we checked in for our flight, the airline arranged assistance for us. They brought a wheelchair and we were whisked through security and to our gate. We got to by-pass everyone. We are tempted to bring them along in December just for that perk

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    jdanjou, I agree My husband has COPD and walking for any length of time he can't keep his breath, so we also get a wheel chair. It took us minutes to get through immigration and customs on our arrival, a little longer on security on the way home because of his oxygen concentrator, but it was really nice not having to stand in line. Although we did get a few nasty looks since the gal had us but in line at security.

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    Note for anyone who has Priority Pass lounge membership, the Club MoBay is one of the Priority Pass lounges per their website. So don't pay twice! :-) HOWEVER, this may be for departures only I would presume (ie using the lounge). If the arrival service as described above is a meet-and-greet with fast track thru immigration and onto the Couples lounge... that's a gamble. If you arrive at a busy time (as we did last time) it is 2.5 hours + in the immigration queue. (The queue did move quickly, it was just a LOT of people. The initial corral was full and everyone was backed up down the corridor.) Could have been an unusual day. But on that particular day, after a 9+ hour flight, if someone had asked me if we wanted to pay 15 USD each to jump the queue, would have done so. Had it been a 30-45 min wait, likely not worthwhile...

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    Have been in touch with Club Mobay and have already booked my package, here are the details they sent me:

    Further to our brief conversation on Facebook, I am delighted to announce the launch of our arrival meet and greet service. The features include:

    Greeted from plane

    Escorted and fast tracked through immigration

    Dedicated waiting area whilst luggage is retrieved

    Coordinate and accompany to arrivals area / connect you with your ground transportation

    Refreshment and cold towel

    Full departure service on your return

    (Fast track through security and immigration, lounge access with full amenities)

    Attached is our brochure for you perusal. The arrival and departure package is $80 per person and can be booked through our in house reservations by sending an email to

    I for one would pay anything to avoid the immigration queues !!

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    Thanks for the good info. I booked mine today also. When do you travel and can we expect a review?

    Scott and June

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    We are travelling to CN on the 26th December so will post my review when I wake up in paradise on the 27th December

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    Looking forward to reading it. Since I am not travelling till the end of Feb, I will still have time to decide

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