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    Hello All-
    My husband and I will be at CSA in 6 Days!!!!! I should probably start packing..... However we are having a slight problem. My husband has muscular dystrophy. It is a muscle condition that has left him unable to do certain things like go up staircases. We have called CSA several times and requested a first floor room because of this. Each time we have called and explained the situation, we are told that a first floor room cannot be guaranteed, and that rooms are subject to availability. Has anyone else had this sort of issue? Any suggestions? I am really at a loss for what to do.

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    On one of our trips we needed a ground floor room because my SO had a torn ligament in his knee. There was no problem with accommodating. You may want to call the 800 number one more time a few days before you leave to let them know (and be sure you tell them WHY), and when you arrive just remind the reception desk. I'm thinking you should have no problem, especially if you tell them WHY when you call ahead.

    Have fun!

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    Once at resort request a ground floor room. Just remember Jamaica doesn't have the same laws in regards to making sure things are handicapped accessible .

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    The resorts generally can't guarantee special requests, but yours isn't a special request based upon personal preference; rather, it's a request for a disability accommodation. Randy Russell has in the past indicated that the resorts will make exceptions to its "no requests" policy to accommodate guests with disabilities.

    Expect that they won't be able to accommodate you, and plan what you will do if that's the case. If you arrive at CSA and the only available room is on the third floor, ask if they anticipate a first-floor room becoming available later in the day. That would mean that you might have to wait longer before getting your room, but this inconvenience on the first day is likely less of an headache than having a non-first-floor room would be over the course of the trip. Another alternative would be to ask CSA to contact CN and see if a first-floor room is available there.

    Hopefully everything will work out fine, but in our 19 trips to the Couples Resorts, we've seen/heard of a remarkable number of errors and problems. It's best to be mentally prepared for check-in that's less than smooth and to have a strategy in mind in the event that the resort isn't prepared for you.

    I also suggest that you send an email message to the general manager at CSA (I believe it is Karen Lanigan now) and explain that your husband has a disability (use that word) that necessitates his being placed in a first-floor room but that the reservations staff has been unwilling to guarantee a first-floor room. She likely will be able to address the issue. We've seen guests in wheelchairs at CN before but have never seen anyone trying to push or drag a wheelchair up to the third floor! Certainly an accommodation should be possible.
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    My husband has COPD, and taking stairs is very taxing on him. We however love CSS. When we got there last year, we then asked if we could get a first floor room (we were in the Beach Front rooms). No problem. I wasn't sure what room they originally had us in, but whatever it was they switched it to the first floor room without a question. Ask when you arrive. The policy is not to quarantee any room because of some problems they have had in the past, but they do everything they possibly can to accomodate you. CSS also has a van that they will pick up guest in and take them up the hill. We used it when we went to Cassanova, and when we left. He also called for it one day when he was having a really hard time breathing to take him to SSB. NO Problem.

    I know you are going to CSA, but I believe that the customer service is the same at all the resorts.

    Again, just ask when you arrive and I am sure they will do whatever is possible for you.

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    I am sure they will do everything in their power to get you a first floor room when you check in, but I am shocked that they won't save one for you with your reservation. What time of day do you arrive?
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    We are going with a group and one of our travelers has some medical condition that requires a first floor room. Our travel agent secured us a first floor handicap room without any issues.

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    This is standard verbiage for room requests. Couples will move heaven and earth to meet your requests since this is a medical issue.

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    I am going to try and talk to a manager tomorrow. We are getting there this Saturday, October 27th. We will be there around 3 PM or so.

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    Such kind of requests must be addressed and taken promptly, since it is a medical condition, I expect the authorities to understand the situation and grant the ground floor room. The more "privileged" people can always take the room upstairs. personal injury law firm
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