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    Default Which Couples in Negril???

    We came to Couples Tower Isle to be married 11/18/11 & had an amazing experience. We want to come back to Couples, but in Negril. Which Couples in Negril would you recommend, Swept Away or Negril & why (details please!!)??? What type of room? Are they nearby one another? Any other tips & hints are appreciated

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    We went to CTI in August 2011 and simply fell in love with the property. The eclectic vibe of the resort and the privacy was just perfect as was the service and staff, not to mention the food!

    This past August we returned to CN for 5 nights then moved to CSA for 7 more. We were blown away with CN even more so then our previous visits. CSA we were OK with but probably would not return anytime soon.

    We stayed in a Beach Front Suite at CN which was simply BEAUTIFUL! The service, food, staff, amenities and property were all top notch. In our 5 nights there we could not have asked for anything better. The food was some of the best we have had anywhere, even in the major metro cities of DC, NY and Phillie. The staff could not have been more professional, polite and accommodating. Our room was spectacular with a bathroom larger then my home office! Everything was beyond our expectations.

    When we moved to CSA we were hopeful for the same experience. We had reserved a Beach Front Verandah Suite which was the most expensive category at time of booking. They did eventually pull out some additional rooms and renamed them PREMIER Beach Front Suites. What we received was nothing more then a standard hotel room with a bathroom that was past its prime about 10 years ago. The room itself was so small my husband and I kept bumping into each other whenever we tried to walk around. In room bar service was laughable and frustrating. Even after speaking to the Team Leader and the on duty manager nothing was resolved, maintenance issue took forever to get resolved with a maintenance man showing up with a flashlight to unplug a toilet....LOL After 3 nights the Front Office Manager finally moved us to a Great House Jacuzzi Suite.

    The ONLY rooms I would ever stay in at CSA would be the Great House Jacuzzi Suite or the Premier Beach Front Suite. These are the ONLY true SUITES. The other rooms are just normal rooms about the size of a Motel 6. Couples IMO, really needs to rename their room categories and take away the word SUITES!

    The level of service at CSA is just not as good as the service at CN.....IME.

    If you liked the intimacy of CTI then I would go with CN. If you are looking for a larger, more spread out place then go with CSA. CTI and CN are our favorite places in Jamaica.
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    Booked for csa next April for trip #5. Csa's beach blows cn away by far in my opinion. We won't go anywhere else. Married at csa in 04. I'll try and post a pic from our bfvs 4122. Name:  IMG_20110421_092433.jpg
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    We have been to both resorts in Negril and we stayed in a simple garden view room on both occasions and found CN to be better. The beach at CSA was bigger but I wouldn't say better, though the pool area was smaller and less welcoming. CSA had an amazing sports complex (across the road) with a great gym, swimming pool, tennis courts and running track. CN was a lot smaller and the gym was not a scratch on CSA sports complex but in my opinion the whole resort was far better. It seemed so much friendlier and that was guests and staff, who encouraged you to join in the pool volleyball and other events.
    I didn't have to reserve any sunbeds at CN but at CSA people were putting towels in the best spots before they went to bed.
    Still we have a lot of holidays and keep wanting to try other Caribean islands but none of them can hold a candle to Couples - enjoy yourselves

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    We've been to CTI, Negril, and Swept Away - we enjoyed the atmosphere at CTI (of course it could have just been the island). I think CN is closest to CTI for "vibe" - but we really enjoyed CSA last year and are looking forward to a return trip next year. CSA, while larger, seemed more intimate and relaxing.

    I wouldn't make a decision based on rooms or their naming conventions, we're in our room to sleep, and to get changed for dinner only, we rarely sit around to "hang out" - with the exception of the verandah. We stayed in the Atrium Suite - we liked that the rooms were in small blocks of 4 instead of larger "hotel style" buildings.

    The views from the rooms at Negril are nicer as you either have lush beautiful gardens, or ocean and beach. The views from CSA are stills tunning but you may end up having a nice view of the pathway leading between room blocks too.

    Food is equal between both resports, service is excellent as well. I personally like the addition of the beach bars at CSA - I don't have to wait in line like I do at the swim-up bar at CN.

    I prefer the nightlife at CSA as well - seems like more to do. Ultimate Chocolate at the piano Bar is amazing and will get you in to the act and having fun, even if you hate the idea - you;ll end up having the time of your life.

    The night club is great and gives you someplpace to party, dance, and hang out late in to the night.

    Everyone will ahve the personal favorite - I happen to like all 3 we've been to, (CTI and CN twice each and CSA will be twice in June) - my best reccomendation would be to book whichever this year, take advantage of the ability to visit the other resort for the day, and see fi you want to try the other one next year.

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    Thanks to all for responses!!! Are the 2 Couples resorts in Negril nearby one another? What is the beach like at CN compared to CTI???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beer_Suds View Post

    I wouldn't make a decision based on rooms or their naming conventions, we're in our room to sleep, and to get changed for dinner only, we rarely sit around to "hang out" - with the exception of the verandah. We stayed in the Atrium Suite - we liked that the rooms were in small blocks of 4 instead of larger "hotel style" buildings.
    I used to feel this way until we started upgrading our rooms. It really does make for a more relaxing vacation when you have a more physical space. However we always perfectly enjoyed our vacations before we knew what it was like BEFORE we started staying in the upgraded rooms. Too each their own though.

    If we had to make a choice between a regular room or more nights we would ALWAYS choose the lesser room!! We are not NUTS

    The two resorts are very close together, I think within 5 miles of each other.

    The beaches between CTI & CSA are like day and night. CTI is completely private with closed ends so no one can walk alone the beach unless they are staying at CTI. The water can be a little wavy at times as well.

    At CN you have 1.7 miles of beautiful soft sand to walk along as Bloody Bay is a pubic beach up to the high water mark. This means you will see locals, vendors and guests from other resorts walking along the beach. They cannot come up onto the beach where the loungers are. Couples has plenty of security people to keep the vendors moving along as to not bother. The water at CN is calm, clear and the bottom is sandy as far as you can walk. They have even roped off a section in the ocean for swimmers to do laps.

    We love the beach at CTI and simply adore the beach at CN.

    You will love whichever resort you choose.

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