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    Default Alanta Connection times?

    Looking at flights and I see 2 that will work for us. Both leave MBJ at the same time, but one gives us 1 hour and 25 minutes layover in Atlanta, the other 3 hours.

    Having never flown out of country before, is the shorter connection time enough time in Atlanta, to get through customs and grab our bags, recheck them and make our flight? I know Atlanta airport is HUGE ...

    It would be on DELTA if that makes a difference.

    Thanks for nay help in this.


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    I would pick the 3 hour layover. MBJ has better with on time departure, but sometimes not so much... I usually pick the 2 1/2 hr layover for us.

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    PS we always fly Delta.

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    Depending on what day, the shorter time is really cutting it short. I would go with the 3 hour, just to be sure you have enough time. We have gotten through in an hour, but we were lucky that time. Getting around the airport is not bad with the tran, which is quick, but as in any place, customs depends on how many international planes have landed, etc, as to how long it takes you to get through customs and recheck your bags.

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    Flying from Los Angeles we have the Atlanta stop also. We have taken the shorter stop 3 times now and it leaves you plenty of time. Just make sure you use the tram that is available.

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    One hour 25 minutes is enough of a layover if nothing goes wrong. But, if your flight is late leaving MoBay, or if several international flights land at once in Atlanta (meaning long lines at customs), it will not be enough time. Also, if there are long lines at security, this could also hold you up. Another thing to consider is where you are seated on the plane. If you are at the back of the plane, all of those people in front of you will be able to get in the immigration line ahead of you. I would opt for the 3 hour layover for peace of mind alone.

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    Take the earlier one, if you miss it, you can always get on the later flight.

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    The new international terminal takes FOREVER to walk through, unless you want to sprint. I would go with the 3 hour connection, although you might be ok with the shorter one. TSA and immigration were slow as molasses too. Take the longer layover, revel in the waste of the couple BILLION dollar terminal, and have a meal/beverage if you have extra time.
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    Atlanta is a very spread-out airport, so as others say best to take the train/tram/monorail thing especially if changing terminals. (Fancied a walk once and skipped the tram... won't do that again! Almost missed connection.) An option would be to buy the 3 hour connection ticket, BUT if things go well and you could make the earlier one, go to that gate and ask if you can go standby on that one. Should not cost anything to do this (it's not a ticket change in that sense). This works best if you have carry-on baggage only. With checked bags, if you jump on the earlier flight your bags might make it too...or might not. But going home that's less of an issue.

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    We had an hour and 45 minute layover during our flight home (Delta) on Tuesday and there were no problems. We arrived on concourse E and our connecting flight departed from concourse C.

    The longest wait, by far, was for our luggage to hit the carousel after we had gone through immigration (Passport Control).

    The time spent in lines and with agents was easily under 2 minutes. Rechecking bags consisted of handing them to an agent who placed them on a moving belt. Security was what security is and took about 10 minutes.

    It appeared that we were the only arriving flight at that time (about 4:45), so that may have been a factor. But the setup looked like they had plenty of capacity.

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    As noted depends which terminal you land in - for ATL transfer I allow 2 hours - even if it means overnighting in Atlanta to hit that first Delta flight out. All that said we have done in in 45 minutes but wouldn't want that airport run again.

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    FYI. You can not change flights if you have checked bags. The airlines will only allow you to do that if you have carry on only. It is a security issue in their minds.

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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the advice, think we will go for the longer layover ... if nothing else it prolongs getting home and resuming "real" life right?!?!?

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