Just got back from CN...WOAH I WAS TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!

We celebrated our Honeymoon from 8-14 - 8-21 and it was simply AMAZING! Everything from the transportation, the greeting at the front desk with towels and champagne, to the Staff. Just Fantastic! First time to Jamaica, and I was just astonished at the hospitality of the county! Everyone from room service to security to servers were just the most friendly down to earth people ever! Being from NJ we are so used to HORRIBLE customer service, like when you order food they throw it at you! Let me give you one example of just how good they treat the guests here. We went to dinner and I ordered the beef, before we even got our appetizers the chef was walking around from table to table. I figured he was just saying hello, when in fact he was telling everyone who ordered the beef that the goat cheese was not up to his personal standard. WOW so instead of just doing you job, you went out of your way to inform each guest about the problem and then ask them if the fix he came up with was good enough for them. The property is straight up BEAUTIFUL! It's not brand spanking new, and not all decked out in marble. We've done trips like that..(fountain blu, Miami) We Loved the rustic look of this place. Our room was 9301 loved the view, hated the steps! Really not that bad, the steps are like 4 inches apart. But the room was furnished as expected, decorated and cleaned everyday. We had a suite so took up the extra's like the appetizers and the breakfast. The Hammock on the patio was such a beautiful place to park while the wife got ready for the evening. Couple has an amazing beach, actually the nicest beach I've ever been on!

Totally addicted ~ Can't thank everyone enough! Jason the photog is the MAN! haha! will totally add some pics and videos later on, just wanted to say I think I've found heaven! It's on a raft floating looking into the bluest sky and water I have ever seen! Until next time Negirl!!