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    Default Room numbers of good Beachfront Verandah Suites at CSA

    We just booked our first trip to CSA in late March. We have a Beachfront Verandah Suite booked. When it gets closer to the date of our trip, I'd like to send some room requests to our travel agent (I know, of course, that they might not be honored, but it's worth a shot!), but I've never been, so I don't know which ones are good. I'd love a good view--I know most of them are still somewhat obstructed views because of the foliage, but the more I can see the ocean, the better. I don't care what floor it's on--I'm fine with climbing stairs if need be.

    If you can, please post pictures of your room view when you tell me which room you were in!

    Thanks much!

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    We were in room 3321, it was in building 43, third floor end unit. View was to die for and we would do the same room again. I don't have any good picture on my work computer, but this is one i found.
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    4122Name:  IMG_20110421_092433.jpg
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    We have stayed on the first, second, and third floors of the BFVS buildings. We have been in every building except the one closest to the Great House. Each floor has its own advantages. There's nothing like being able to walk out of a first floor room directly onto the beach. The third floor rooms have views to die for and no one above you (minimizes noise). The second floor was our least favorite floor because our view of the sunset was completely blocked by a palm tree. We love sitting on the verandah watching the sunset. Name:  CSA Feb 12.jpg
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Size:  231.0 KB The attached is the view from our first floor room this year. You just can't get any closer to the beach! What we do like is having a corner room - there are windows on the outside wall which make the room seem lighter and more tropical.

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    I think I would love room 4122 since I can see one of the beach bars, very close to my porch. I usually don't sit in the sun, so that would work perfect for me.

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    Hey! We had 4122 this past Christmas Loved it!!!!

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    That palapa you see by the beach bar from room 4122 is where we spent 11 happy days in September!!

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    If you promise not to be going from November 14th - 24th then I'll tell you. Our first choice room request is 3121, it's on the bottom; so you can go in the patio double doors; right behind where they perform weddings on the beach. If it bothers you to be so close to the weddings the our second choice is 4117, which is closer to the walk up bar but just as nice.

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    Tanfastic, that is a gorgeous view! How close was your building to the Great House?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nan View Post
    Tanfastic, that is a gorgeous view! How close was your building to the Great House?
    Sorry for the delay, I was traveling for work! Our room was almost in the dead center of the property, if you look at a property map, look for the hottub in the center and we were in the end unit, 3rd floor on the south side of the tub. I swer it had the best view, we went to three other rooms on the third floor and ours was the best. Then again I'm partial. We left our Christmas lights on the rail for the next guest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerlyran View Post
    That palapa you see by the beach bar from room 4122 is where we spent 11 happy days in September!!
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    Thats the same palapa we used Sept 3-11 when we could get it!! Were we there at the same times?

    We met a couple there, Gino & his wife, who were hilarious, also staying on first floor beachfront

    I agree, that building is amazing. We were third floor, but a middle room, worked great for us...

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    room 4120. its a first floor corner room. my wife and i stayed there on our honeymoon. WE LOVED IT!!!! it was only 15 steps from the beach bar. being able to walk right off ur verandah onto the beach is priceless. on the second day i grabed to 2 loungers from the beach and put them in front of r verandah. but people do walk by and stare at ur room. i think they were just jelous. but i think any bfvs would be perfect. after all u r in paridise

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    We stayed in room 3121 for our honeymoon (May 2012) and loved it! It was a corner room on the first floor...the view was breathtaking! This room was in the middle of the resort so it was nice and quiet in my opinion. I would sit out on the porch and eat breakfast and enjoy the view...wish I was still there

    View from 3121:

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    (As long as you are not going at the same time as us) our favorite is 4120 Plenty of photos on the CSA thread on flickr of all the rooms any room you get is awesome, don't worry about it

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