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    Default The Weather Channel says rain everyday....

    For the next 10 days. Is this right? Is this typical? Does it rain everyday there just for short times?

    Just wondering!


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    You can expect tropical showers to pop up every day and they usually last a short time. Good time to grab some lunch.

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    We just got home from CTI last night. Review soon come.
    The weather for our week was at 60% rain for the whole rained only on ONE day!! 3 times for about a half hour each. We were in the pool on the island, no one even left the pool.
    That's not to say that it won't rain likely won't be for long.
    No worries mon!

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    For our CSS trip a few weeks ago, the forecast for Ocho Rios ranged from 40-60% chance of rain every day. It rained (sprinkled, really) one afternoon for about 2-3 minutes !! You just never know (any time of year, really, not just hurricane/rainy season).


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    We need that weather sticky for the forum!

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    They always say it is going to rain in the tropics. If it does it is only for a 1/2 hour or so and then sun again.

    No Problem.
    Irie Mon

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