We were at CSA from Sept 27 to Oct 7 an got married on the first. Well let me tell you I have nothing but good to say about the people an the resort. The wedding was small simply no hassel fun beautiful everything we wanted. Now our stay. From our bus ride from the airport it started. None stop fun. Our driver stopped at several places an let us use rest room an get drinks. Bought me an my husband a steel bottom drink. (To much for me.) Check in was fast an no hassel. Our room was great. Just 32 steps from the beach. I never once got into one of the pools. I stayed in the ocean just about the whole time. ( I miss my floaty.) It rained just about everyday in the late afternoon. No big deal. One day it rained all day but the evening. The food there was great. Loved the Loin fish. Snapper sandwich an sweet potato chips. I do miss. As many disserts as you want. I gained 5 lbs an he gained 8. It was worth it. The only thing that upset me was some of the guest there. I was embarrassed for the way some people acted an treat the staff. The staff did everything they could to make everyone as happy as possible. I'm sorry for those who didn't enjoy their stay. I did. The only other thing was I got my green flag taken away when he was done for the day. Lol. That just meant time to get ready for dinner. I could go on an on about how good a time I had but it just wouldn't be enough. We are already planning our return trip. Counting the days tell our return. Thank you CSA for the time of our lives. We needed that. Have a great day an see you soon