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    Default CSA trip review 10/2/12 - 10/13/12

    Wow, where do I start? Oh yeah, this trip was freaking spectacular! Let me also say that I'm a picky traveler that looks for issues/problems when I travel because I contribute to travel reviews and I was concerned that I would be overly critical of CSA. NOT the case at all, but then again I fell right into the "no problem Mon" routine the second I got to the island.

    Wife and I took a redeye to Jamaica through Charlotte, no issues at all other than as light delay out of CLT due to a seat not having a cushion on it. Through Customs & Immigration in under 10 minutes (Tuesday morning), time to stop in the lounge for for a quick beer, bathroom break and out the door to our private transfer with Presley from Rockys Taxi & Tours. Great trip to the cliffs for a single night (we changed and added an extra night but the rate increase didn't make sense to go straight to CSA, but not an issue at all!!!) before we hit Couples. We arrived early the next morning, room (we did get our request of BFVS 3rd floor corner) wasn't ready but no problem Mon, we headed out to the beach, get drinks and find some old friends who happened to be at CSA for the next 2 days. We follow the path down to the beach and the very first person we run into was our friend. Hugs and hello's exchanged, drinks found and food in our belly. Room ready by 2:30, luggage delivered in the pouring rain at my request, clothes put away, swim suit on, quick jump in the ocean durin gthe rain and off to our friends 1st floor Premier Beachfront Suite patio, this is where we met my new favorite person in the world, Demar! He became our main man for the next 10 days and as far as I'm concerned he is family from this day forward! Drinks for a few hours on the patio in the rain (being from AZ we love to see rain), back to the room to get cleaned up for dinner at Feathers and some much needed romance. The trip is starting off great.

    Friday our "old" friends left and our new friends we planned the trip with arrived, 2 great couples we love to death. So excited to show them the resort but also more excited to keep experiencing the resort with my great wife. Blowout day with the group, we lost 2 soldiers due to the fun, but 4 of us made the anniversary party that night. We met Randymon and some of his team, we also got to meet Mr. Issa whom we loved and many of the great staff. The party was absolutely perfect. I read a review recently on TA where it said the food was terrible, in my best John McEnroe impression I'm yelling "you can't be serious!!" The food was extremely good, big shout out to the chef and the entire cooking staff, serving that much food, keeping it hot and fresh isn't easy. The desert station (and I'm not a sweets guy) was so good, my favorite was the chocolate pecan tarts!

    One of the couples in our group renewed their Vows to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The planning staff was great, and I was asked to perform the ceremony by our friends. I know there were a lot of people watching because it wasn't the traditional ceremony, the bride and her two maids wore bikini tops and sarongs, while the groom, the other guy and myself (the Rev) wore kaki shorts and black Tommy Bahama shirts. The CSA minister wasn't to excited about the attire and said he wouldn't perform the service because of the bikini's. I'm licensed to perform a wedding so I mentioned to him that's why he wasn't involved, it was the wish of the bride to have a relaxed service and have fun! Randymon thanks for coming, I noticed you took a lot of pictures, any way to share them with us? Did I mention Demar and how great he was? He showed up after the kiss with 6 special drinks for us and posed for pictures with the bride & groom. The service was finished off with IceBlock singing a few songs, just a fun memorable time!

    I could go on with many comments about each day but, I will not. Here are my positives;
    • Rooms were clean, comfortable and GREAT
    • Bathroom was great, a little dated but didn't want to spend much time in there!
    • Breakfast delivery was perfect
    • Bar & refrigerator stocking was perfect
    • Maid service was spotless, we left candy each day for them
    • Turndown service was great, they missed it one night but I think we were "busy" when they came by! LOL
    • THE BEACH (do I need to say anything else)
    • The bartenders, the office staff and wait staff at the restaurants.
    • Big shout out to Demar & Cindi at the beach bar and my favorite hostess Divya (I will help you anytime!)
    • SeaGrapes
    • Sunset Cat/booze cruise
    • The great Security Staff, thanks for protecting us!
    • Ultimate Chocolate and his sidekick "the Voice of the Future"
    • Lastly and not on purpose a man who made this trip special, IceBlock the beach musician, he is a good man, a great soul and now a friend!

    Areas that need some improvements;
    • 3 or 4 days the towels didn't show up at the waterSports hut until after 10:00 a.m.
    • The Grill Staff were not the friendliest
    • People who feel the need to pull their beach chair right next to yours when the resort is at 60% occupancy and then light us cigarettes!
    • Beach bar ran out of premium booze a few days by 1:00 and it didn't get restocked (not a big issue Demar found us the good stuff elsewhere!)
    • Mosquitos (I know this isn't a resort thing but still a pain)

    All in all we loved this place, our group is already planning its next trip in 2014 back to CSA. I can honestly say that this trip to CSA EXCEEDED every expectation I ever had about the resort. Beautiful place with beautiful people! If our group pissed anyone off, sorry, if our wives upset you with the toplessness on the beach sorry, if the thongs were to much sorry, but we wouldn't do it any other way. We have hot wives and we all have been married for 25-30 years and all needed this vacation due rough work schedules and lives. RESPECT!

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    Sounds like a fun group! We head there for our first time next week!

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    Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed review. I saw the review you mentioned on TripAdvisor and thought the same thing. I hope that nobody was rude enough to make a comment about your wives being topless, since it is perfectly acceptable on the beach.

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    Only complaint on the beach was from one of the security guards who told my wife and one of the others late one afternoon when they got up to go in the water that topless was not allowed, it was the same as being naked. He told them to put their tops on right away, no big deal, the ladies felt bad and complied right away. We spoke with the guard who we talked with each day, he apologized an said that he would let the gentleman know that it was acceptable. No issue at all, it was late so we ended up leaving the beach (about 4:45) right away. Still a killer trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnieReb View Post
    Sounds like a fun group! We head there for our first time next week!
    Johnie you will have a blast, try to find Demar and tell him the crazy group from 2 weeks ago said hello. If he doesn't remember us and you like to drink vodka ask him to make you a vodka vodka! He will smile and remember right away!

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    Aww, you sound like so much fun! I'm so glad you all enjoyed it! Congrats

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