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    Default Tim Air and CSA question

    Does Swept Away provide transportation from the Negril airport to the resort? We wanted to skip the long drive from MoBay to Negril and wondered how we would get from the Negril airport to Swept Away.

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    I donít believe they will have transportation waiting for you. You have to call them once you get to the airport. You may have to wait for a while. Iíve heard that youíd be better off just taking a cab. Itís about a 5 minute drive and should only cost $5 to $10. Be sure to lock in the fare before you get into the cab.
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    When we took TimAir, we just grabbed a cab at the Negril Aerodome to the resort. Every time we have taken the puddle jumper to Negril there have been taxi's waiting at the Negril Aerodome. I think the driver charged us US$10 which was probably too much for such a short ride, but my wife's suitcase was very heavy (lol).
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    Yes, they did when we visited last New Year's. We still checked in to the Couples lounge and they contacted CSA to have a shuttle for us when we arrived at Negil. We loved the flight and the pilot Curtis was great!! Remember to tip him when you arrive. Enjoy the 15 minutes of beauty!!

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    Once you get to the Negril airstrip, you can call CSA and they will send a van over to pick you up. There are usually cabs waiting, though, at the airstrip. We take the cab because we are just so darn anxious to get to CSA. The cab fare is around $6.00 plus tip. CSA does not cover the cost if you take a cab.

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    Yes you take a bus/van from MoBay to CN and CSA. It is pretty nice to do at least once to "see" more of actual Jamaica, they typically stop somewhere to use the restroom and buy more Red Stripe!!! We have never done the Tim Air flight but have heard mixed reviews. I would do a Tim Air search on the MB as I know I have seen many threads on it. Enjoy the trip!!!

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