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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Holly and I'm planning a honeymoon for my fiance and I for next August. We're thinking of booking CTI inthe next month or so. We've never taken a vacation together, so we're both really looking forward to it, after almost 2 years of wedding planning. The one thing he's most concerned about is the weather that time of year. He's convinced we'll be caught in rain or hurricanes the whole time, whereas I think he's exaggerating just a bit! A friend of mine just got back from Negril, and looks like she had great weather the whole time.

    Any insight?

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    Not really because the weather can change. BUT, we honeymooned at CTI in August and we had great weather! No rain, but it was hot and humid!!

    Here are the rain and temp. averages for Jamaica. You can see that August is in the middle for rain. But in the Caribbean, there is always a chance of an afternoon shower. No worries! You will LOVE CTI!!!
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    Hi, we got married at cti in august and have been back a few times since at that time of year, mostly we have had good weather. Hope that helps

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