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    Default Technical changes to Message Board

    There have been a few changes to the MB recently (earlier this week maybe??) and wanted to note that a few things are not working well.

    In the past, one could mouse-over a thread title and see the first few words of the post, to preview it instead of clicking to load the whole post (and replies). That function no longer appears to work.

    Also in the past, a bookmark in a web browser with a non-standard "Style" would display in whatever that style (e.g. Couples Blue (Old School), vB4 Default Style, Couples Light, or (under Mobile Styles) Couples Mobile.) was, instead of the default style.
    Now the bookmark always leads to the default style (Couples Dark), no matter what. We've tried on several different computers and several browser types and it behaves the same in all cases. (A browser that remembers the link, behaves the same as a bookmark, but in the past, would've remembered the style chosen).

    We're not even sure what the change was for (perhaps the "Link Back" function for Digg,, Technoratia, and Tweet ? - or perhaps we just never noticed that before).

    In any case we hope the old functionality can be returned.
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