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    As I was admiring some of the foliage that is putting on a spectacular show of color, I was also taking pictures. I've done this before. Pictures of where you live, city pictures, country pictures, even pics. of mega-highways, just about anything that you may think is everyday and mundane, many of the Jamaicans have never seen the Fall foliage in New England or a ski resort in the winter. Or pics. of us bundled up, shovel at hand, and ready to do battle with a winter storm.
    And plan on leaving some of the pictures with someone at your resort, so that they may be taken to schools for the kids to see.

    There are all kinds of posibilities for pictures, so print a few to take with you.


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    What a great idea!

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    Wonderful idea!!!

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    What a great thing to do.... I was stopped an offered an umbrella by a staff member who saw me walking in the rain, face turned up with a great big smile on my face. He didn't understand why i didnt want one, and even after i told him that we live in the dry hot desert and feeling the soft warm rain in Jamaica was a treat he still thaught I was crazzy. Maybe a picture will help explain how differant our environments are, will for sure bring a few pictures next time.

    On a side note, it was his umbrella he was going to give me, now that's costumer services!!!! 230 days

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