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    Default Topless sunbathing at CN

    My wife and I are making our first visit to CN in May 2013. No way am I going to get her on the an beach, but she may be open to topless sunbathing. My question is how prevalant is topless sunbathing at CN.

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    It is widely accepted on the beach but not around the pool.

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    Hi Ralph,

    If you want to try the AN beach but your wife is a little hesitant you might go earlier in the morning and find a place closer to the hedges (so you're not so much in the limelight). People do sunbath topless but then they're even more out in the open. If she's a little on the shy side she'll find the AN beach less exposed (pardon the wording). Just a little advice, if you're going to try it do it early in your visit. If you both like it you'll have more time to continue and if you don't...well you've tried it and can move back to the textile side.


    Bart & Bug

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    Not very prevalent at all, our last trip maybe 3 or 4 others beside my wife the eleven days we were there, there were some at the RUIs also but not many, this does not discourage my wife in any way, as long as her feet are on the sand her top is no where to be found.

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    I have never noticed more then 2 or 3 woman topless at any one time. Notice I said noticed. I don't really look for it, but I no notice it when I see it. I know there are days I have been there when I did not notice anyone, but it does not mean they aren't, I just didn't see them. I don't think anyone pays much attention. Hope that helps some.

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    Not unusual at all on the beach, but not really allowed so much at the pool. On the beach it's fine and she won't be the only one.

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    I saw 2 or 3 topless each day. Not a lot but some. There may have been more but I wasn't trolling the beach looking. In every case they were closer to the AN beach than the water sports area. Not sure why but this is just where I noticed. Remember that you can only be topless on the main beach. The two pools and the three non-AN hot tubs are textile only.

    I want to second what Bart and Bug said above, my wife was more comfortable on the AN beach. She talked about topless but didn't. We then went to the AN beach and just based on the 100% participation, I think she was more comfortable.

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    I have noticed when my wife drops the top, others begin to drop around us. It's fun to watch!

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    We have been to CN 8 times and there seems to always be a few topless and it is all fine. As you will see when you get there, everyone is just happy to be there. No one makes a big deal out of it.

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    Thanks for all the replies. Maybe morning time at the AN beach when no one is around. Have to wait and see. It's going to be fun regardless though.

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    I don't mean to hijack Ralph's thread, but I have a similar question....

    I understand being topless in or at the pool is forbidden. Are the any restrictions in the pool area of CN regarding wearing thongs?


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    Quote Originally Posted by amorican88 View Post
    I have noticed when my wife drops the top, others begin to drop around us. It's fun to watch!
    I have noticed the exact same thing. Once one gets the courage it gets contagious.

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    You could split the line between the a/n and textile beaches. We've seen a couple of couples do this. Every time, the guy was nude on the a/n side of the line, and the wife was wearing a swimsuit, right next to the guy, but just on the other side of the line.

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