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    Default CTI to Ocho Rios

    Can you walk from CTI to Ocho Rios, and if so, how far is it, and is it safe?

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    Too far. LOTS of traffic.

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    I would take the shopping bus or a taxi.

    CTI is not really in Ocho Rio. It is in Tower Isle, east of Ocho Rio. It is about 15 minutes, (7 to 10 miles?) travel time by bus.

    I am not saying it can not be done, but on your bus ride to the resort take a look. You will see what I mean.
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    I was wondering about the distance also. We are getting married there in Feb and wanted to go into Ocho Rios for some off resort pics. Somebody please let us know!

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    You could, but I wouldn't advise it. The road is not safe to walk on, there are no sidewalks. My advice is to take a cab.

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    On our honeymoon, we took a cab to Ocho Rios, spent $50 for the round trip and wished we had not gone. It made us a little nervous, and we were pestered quite a bit.

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