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    Default CSS Question - IN Room Bar Restocking

    I recently saw on Trip Advisor that a guest complained about having to sign a slip while the bar person was there re-stocking the bar. Does that mean we have to be available in the room to sign in front of the server?

    Can anyone confirm this new procedure or explain this to me? We are heading back for trip #3 in 21 days and want to know if this is something new. Also not very happy about the Room Service menu change.

    Minor changes, but we still love CSS and CSA!!!! Can't wait to get "home!"

    Thanks everyone!

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    First trip to CSS, but just back. There is a slip in the room for bar refills. When you want it refilled, you call the room service number and give your requests. Then wait for them to bring the items. It never took more then 15 minutes for the refills, and you can call anytime room service is offered.
    I personally did not think it was a problems. I am sure you can think of a time you will be in your room for 15-20 minutes to wait. Call as you are getting ready for a meal. It really was not an issue.
    However, Couples , please put Pepsi back in the mini frigs. LOVED the small Pepsi bottles you had last year ! Both CSA and CSS are stocking the mini bars with Coke ( even though the slip says Pepsi). Tried to get Pepsi and Pepsi Light, but was not able.

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    Yes you call room service to stock the bar and you have to be there when they arrive. We would pick up drinks on our way in from the beach and then call room service - it always arrived before our drinks were empty.


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    Up through Monday, Sept. 3rd, we just filled out our mini-bar refill slip (with "standard stock items" on one side, and "upgrade items" on the other), signed it, and left it on the counter. They would put the items in our mini-bar later, whether we were in the room or not.

    As of Tuesday, Sept. 4th, the slip had changed. It still had the same list of items to choose from, but now had instructions to dial a certain number to order (similar to ordering room service). When we dialed, we were told that we had to be in the room to receive the items (and we had to sign a slip when they delivered).

    As that was new to us, I asked the gentleman on the phone who had changed things. He said that he did, he was the mini-bar manager, and identified himself as Mr. Kenneth Michaels (or something similar).

    Friends of ours stayed at CN recently and said that they also had changed to this procedure. We do not know about the other 2 Couples properties.

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    Are they using this system now because it is low season?? On our 5 previous trips you just filled out the form, and left it on top of the need to make a phone call and wait?????? Just curious.....hopefully we will find out for ourselves in December!:-)


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    We always just leave the form filled out and when we come back, there it is! I don't want to wait for stuff.

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    We have been to couples 12 times under the old rules where you would fill out the form, leave it , and when you come back the mini bar is filled. Hopefully they will go back to that. I would hate to have to hang around and wait for them to restock on my next visit.

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    We are at CSS now and yes, our bar was not stocked as requested in the pre check in. Called up room service, asked for what we wanted, and 10 minutes later it was there. No problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzyQ View Post
    ...Are they using this system now because it is low season?? ...
    We're not sure if that was a low-season change or not. There were certain other things that different managers explicitly told us were temporary low-season things (the in-room menu change, the Pallazina lunch, Cassanova was closed on more than Tue and Fri nights and had no outside dining, even watersports shut down for an hour at lunch - Ops Mgr said that last one was a very short term change).

    However, the fact that our friends said the In-Room bar re-stocking procedure also changed at CN makes us think it is likely not a low-season change. It still could be of course; low-season is everywhere after all. But it feels more like a security/liability change. (idea being fewer people with unattended access to your room - housekeeping being the exception).

    We noticed a few years ago at CN that they changed a few procedures to reduce unattended access. A security guard would accompany the staff delivering Hors d'oeuvres (which only the suites get nightly at CN), writing down the time, room, and staff name making the delivery, and G.R. would call to ensure someone was in the room to deliver the repeater gift.
    (neither of those happened in prior visits).

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    Personally, if this is a permanent shift in the process then I think it's a good idea.

    Logistically it makes sense. Having someone go room to room to restock mini-bars each day, without knowing in advance what they need to bring, must be a logistical nightmare. Now you can just place an order and they bring it right over to you and as a previous poster said, there has to be a period during the day where you spend 15-20 minutes in your room.

    It seems like a much easier and more efficient way to make sure everyone gets their requests filled.

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    Speed wasn't the problem with the new way they stock the mini bar. They always made it within 10-15 minutes or faster. The problem was that we were sitting out on the verandah when they came by with the order and we couldn't hear them knocking. So they went back and called us, then had to come down again. So if there is any noise outside, you have to stay inside to hear them come.

    Other thing I noticed is that those delivering sometimes just had you sign and they were off again, while others lingered, and lingered and looked sad... Maybe a bit more training would help.

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    Hi WillandAmy,
    I can agree with you, that if its a short wait, it shouldn't be a big deal. However, why waste time filling out the pre-check in list if you're a repeater, and your minibar won't be waiting for you?? I think they need to sync their policies with what's in practice....I'm just sayin'! I still love CSS and I will adjust!!!:-)

    One Love,

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    AT CSA we always missed it because the mini bar person came early in the am and we sleep in. So I like the idea of being
    able to control the time.

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    I think this new procedure may work fine in low season, but I dont want to be waiting and hour or longer in my room during the more busy time. I think everyone will be calling at the same time (while getting ready for dinner). I would rather Couples have a room on the resort called Restocking. I could then go by and pickup whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. No waiting in my room. Well nineteen more days and I will find out how the new procedure will work.

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    I love your idea ellen49.

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    I like the restocking room idea!

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    I will clarify this issue. I had the opportunity to sit at the repeaters dinner with the manager of room service and mini bar and he explained the new system.
    The old policy for mini bar stocking was an issue because some guest were not getting what they wanted within a certain time frame. Large carts were being used to refill or stock rooms throughout the day, and was not an efficient system. You may have filled out the form, but didn't get your order until hours later.
    Now what they do is have 5 staff members who when needed, take your request to your room when you want it. I have ordered twice and neither time took more than 10 minutes. Last year I had ordered but it took all day to get the bar restocked. Now you wait only 10 minutes or less and you got what you want.

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    Just came back from CSA. Had numerous problems getting the mini bar stocked. It was explained to me that they only have so much stuff to put in the mini bars. Sometimes they have to short some folks because they just don't have the stock you want. Don't blame the person stocking your bar, blame upper management.

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    Excellent idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzyQ View Post
    Hi WillandAmy,
    I can agree with you, that if its a short wait, it shouldn't be a big deal. However, why waste time filling out the pre-check in list if you're a repeater, and your minibar won't be waiting for you?? I think they need to sync their policies with what's in practice....I'm just sayin'! I still love CSS and I will adjust!!!:-)

    One Love,

    I agree with you completely about the pre-check in list.

    I was only referring to daily restocking throughout the visit.

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    Heading to CSS in 15 days...Oct. 20th. Will do the Pre-Check in for requests and see what happens. Change is hard for me but I guess sometimes it's for the best. I will love being there with the love of my life ( after 23 years) so nothing else really matters. Just gotta get him to book for 2013 before oct. 31st!!!
    See you at the beach bar with a Hummingbird!
    Everyting's Irie!

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    The mini bar restocking did not work for us at CN.....Friday waited over an hour----Saturday waited over an hour Sunday waited over an hour....Monday success only 25 minutes
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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