My beautiful fiancee and I will be getting married this Friday (FINALLY) and will be heading down for our honeymoon next monday (Oct 15-oct 21). This is the only trip we will likely ever take to a beach/all inclusive resort, at least until we are much, much older and able to actually afford something like this ourselves.

I have been SO excited since we booked last year, only to see that next week's forecast has Thunderstorms every day of our trip, most days with a 60% chance. Does it generally rain ALL day EVERY day when the forecast is that negative? I remember hearing that many tropical places have daily storms but will generally have a few nice hours of sun a day even when the forecasts are bad, and I see no tropical storms that would produce sustained storms.

More importantly, what is there to do when it rains? We were so excited to have a romantic dinner under the stars, go on the catamaran, and spend days at the beach swimming, walking, lounging in the sun with a cool drink in our hands. I can't help feeling like we really got the short end of the stick, and given my above statement that we will not be able to make a trip like this again for likely decades, I am pretty depressed about the prospects of having a full, fun experience at CSA - without eventually getting bored reading and watching TV in the room. What sorts of activities do you guys do when it rains at CSA? A few great-sounding rainy day activities (outside of the room! ) could really make me excited about this trip instead of feeling so uneasy.

Thanks so much!