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    Default I wish I would have brought...

    December will be my first trip to an all inclusive resort. My wife and I are trying to make sure we don't over pack, but don't want to forget anything we might need. Is there any items you have left behind that you wish you had brought along? Any items you are glad you brought?


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    I am interested in this too, so I am "bumping" it up,

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    This is where I always over pack.....clothes. Try to keep in mind that you will be in a swimsuit/coverup for most of the day, your evening attire is only worn for a few hours. I usually take a swimsuit for each day (they don't dry well in the tropic air), I take some extra gallon size ziploc bags (I put my camera in it while at the beach and to bring swimsuits home in). I also pack sunscreen, small bug spray, a beach bag, chapstick, some OTC meds just in case (tylenol, rolaids and imodium). They provide shampoo, body wash and lotion. I always pack conditioner. A disposable underwater camera is great for the snorkel trip. You won't need beach towels, umbrellas or robes, the resort provides them. We make sure we have plenty of smaller bills, $1, $5 and $10 for tipping at the airport and the bus driver. If you do forget something there's a gift shop that has a little bit of everything.

    There's been several threads on the message board on this topic, here's one of them:

    Couples is the best all-inclusive we ever been to. That's why we keep returning every year. Have a great time!!!
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    Its been on the main board but seems to have fallen...Here's the link...15 pages of reading but good informatin never the less..

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    Best thing I have ever brought is 2 Bubba Keg insulated mugs from Walmart or like store. They hold approx 2 drinks and it keeps them cold for a very long time. Also keeps sand out of our drinks. It saves on wasting a lot of melted warm drinks from being thrown away and multiple trips back and forth to the bar. I will never go to a beach without them!

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    Sorry, nothing there when I clicked the link...

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