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    Default Rain for an entire week? :(

    I have faithfully been checking the extended weather reports for Negril for over two weeks now. The past few days I have benn looking at the same 4 or 5 web sites and they ALL say it is supposed to rain everyday, all day next week!! :{ even the weather channel says they are expecting no tropical systems to develop, but they are anticipating substantial rain to affect Jamaica next week! We arrive at CN on Sun. I sure hope they are usual!

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    I ve checked the weather for Jamaica every day for the last 4 years and have yet to see a forecast that doesn't call for some liquid sunshine. Rain will happen in the afternoon and last about 30 minutes then the Sun is right back out. As long as there isn't a hurricane its all good.

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    Hi jamaicanushappy,
    I don't know what reports you're looking at but says 30% chance of isolated thunder storms thru Tuesday then partly cloudy. In the tropics isolated T storms are usually in the afternoon so it shouldn't be a total rainout each day. On our first trip to CTI many years ago we only had two full beach days but we still had a blast. So no matter what you'll have a wonderful time in Paradise I'm sure.

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    You booked in prime hurricane season so you will get rain daily. Hopefully it won't be a washout, good luck!

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    October is the rainiest time of year in Jamaica. The first time we went to Jamaica in October we got lucky. The second time it rained every day for 8 days. Never again in October for us.

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    My step-daughter and step-son-in-law are at CSS this week, returning home Oct 20th, and said they've had GREAT weather all week. Don't pay attention to the weather predictions, UNLESS there is a tropical depression, tropical storm, or the obvious hurricane.
    Our first trip to CSA in 2005, there was a tropical depression. It was cloudy most of the trip with misty rain. We still made the best of it and both think it was the best of all 7 of our Couples trips. Can't explain it, but don't let the weather dictate your trip (and I am a sun-goddess). I don't think the weather will be bad, but make the best of it if it is. Take long walks, explore the resort, weave a grass hat, tie-die a shirt, read a book on the verandah, go to the spa, take the kitchen tour, get in the hot tub (excellent in the rain, btw!) Enjoy yourselves!
    I think it's like Florida, it rains everyday, every afternoon. That's how the tropical lush stays "lush". Some times of the year, it rains longer. Not necessarily in October. No worries, mon!

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    My wife and I have gone to CSS for the past four years. The first year (honeymoon) we were there the first week of November, every year after the last week of October. Just like all the above posts, mostly sun, some short rain showers in the afternoon but if your under cover just wait it out. It is refreshing!!!!

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    We have gone every October since 2006 and yes - it can rain almost every day. But the rain doesn't last long and often we don't even leave the beach. Some days it doesn't rain and other days it may rain heavy. But since it's Jamaica it's beautiful anyway. Don't fret. Just go and enjoy yourself no matter what.

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    Default Learn the pattern

    We were at CN in late October five years ago and what we find was the weather was fine until noon or sometimes a little after. Then rain would come in from the mountains and cool off everything for about 45 minutes. The rest of the afternoon was grey but typically dry and not nearly as hot. So it wasn't ideal beach weather.

    I have been to a lot Caribbean places and this is not untypical so my advise is get your beach time in when it is sunny and find other activities when it isn't. CN has a lot things to do besides beach like tennis, shopping, volleyball, bocci ball,eating, drinking and private time in your room.

    Finally I have been to Jamaica 5 times in total and the weather reports were never right so no worry's mon and just enjoy what ever weather you get.

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    We just got back for CTI. the forecast said partly sunny or partly cloudy every day but oh it was far from it. The weather was beautiful for 7 of the 8 days we were there. So sunny, only one day did it rain at about 6pm and was over cast the next day. Rain was only for about two hours.

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