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    My Partner and I have just booked to go to CSA in June 2013 to get married. It will just be the 2 of us Im mega excited, we have never been to the Carribbean it looks amazing!

    Does anyone have any suggestions/tips for us as it our first time going to the resort? Also is anyone esle going at the same time?

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    My husband and I married at CSA November 2010 and that was just the two of us. My only advice would be choose the time and setting of the wedding carefully depending on photographs you require. We married at midday in the garden and the colours were magnificent and the heat of the day not too much. We were then able to go back for sunset photographs on the beach....fantastic!!!! Best day of our lives hope you enjoy it as much as we did. You are treated like a king and queen.
    Friends of ours were so impressed that they have booked CN in June 2013 to marry there what a reflection on our photos and recommendations. And of course we are going with them...who would miss out on a Couples weddingmoon..:

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    Hi thanks for the advice. I think i would like to be married at 11am on the beach then have our photos taken and maybe go for the catamaran cruise at 3pm. That sounds like a perfect day to me.

    I have read so many great reviews about other couples being married at the resort and i cant wait to go! Only 227 days to go lol

    Did you use the resort photographer?

    Also is there any anyone on hand to help the bride get dressed? I have chosen my dress and its a lace up one, im worried i wont be able to get ready on my own

    Thanks again for your reply x

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    Hey Congratulations!!! I am a professional photographer that has a business in Jamaica I have better prices the resort packages are quite pricey. If you need to have my services please call 716 777 3380.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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