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    Ok so my husband and I are signed up for two excursions. We signed up through the website We signed up for the bamboo jungle rafting and the horseback riding. I am nervous because I am a bit on the heavier side. Will they weigh me? What if I am like 5 lbs over? Does anyone know if there is a horsback riding outfit that has a larger weight restriction than 225? I am feeling really bad because I don't want to be embarrassed in front of everyone.

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    I don't know if they weigh you or not, but when is your trip? Maybe you have time to drop a few pounds so you don't have to worry over it.

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    Novel idea Allans_Angel. We are going in May and already thinking about getting "beach ready". How about those Jenks Trojans!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scandi View Post
    Novel idea Allans_Angel. We are going in May and already thinking about getting "beach ready". How about those Jenks Trojans!!!
    Ha ha! I do live in Jenks, but usually root for their opponents because Jenks has always been such a steam-roller. But I have to admit they have a great program there! Lots of championships.

    As for the "novel idea" I'm amazed more people don't see it that way!! If I were too heavy for a horse by 15 or 20 pounds as someone mentioned above, I'd feel guilty for hurting the horse. But that's just me.

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    We have done both on our last trip (CTI). My wife is on the heavy side too, due to allergees. They didn't say anything. your not going to have any problems. Just sit back and enjoy the rides.
    Scott & Jen
    (what resorts are you staying at?)

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    No they will not weigh you. Have you ever gone horse back riding before? They will probably give you a larger horse if you are a larger person.

    Personally we will never go riding ever again in the Caribbean. We felt that the horses were over heated, over worked and not well taken care of. Of course some stables take better care of their animals then others. Still it is our choice not to do it.

    Please look over the horse to make sure they appear taken care of, ask questions as to how they are rotated, etc.

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    I don't know anything about the rafting but you will be fine on the horses. We have horses and I've seen some 300 +lb people riding some very small horses. I doubt they have any weight restrictions on anything in Jamaica.

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    I am not sure. I would email/call the horseback riding place and find out for sure.

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    I don't know about those excursions specifically, but I had the same concern with my husband for the zip lining. He was about 15-20 pounds over the weight limit. They didn't even blink or mention it when we got there. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    15-20 pounds seems a bit much dont you think?

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    If they are going to make a profit off of you...they will let you do it! Besides on the resort it seems as if most everyone is out to get your money. We seen lots of horses that looked like they werent care for properly though.
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    This link is for the tour operator we use, their limit is 240 for the horse back riding, I think it is 250 for the rafting, I looked because I had the same concern for my husband. Good luck and have fun!!
    Jeff & Abby - Boca Raton

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    I've had horses and been around them for many years and I would never get on one of those horses you see for hire. Have you seen how small they are? And IMHO they don't look very well taken care of. There MAY be some larger animals wherever they stable them, but I'm a larger woman also and wouldn't do it to them.

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    Should you go riding (or on a jeep tour, etc) would suggest wearing a really good sports bra. You will be a lot more comfortable/secure.

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    I never do this kind of thing but it makes me so sad to hear about the size of the horses and how some of them are treated. No one should do this if they feel the horses do not look like they are well taken care of I don't care if you are 100 or 300 pds!!!!!

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    HAHA! I found 2 fellow Oklahomans in one post!! allans_angel & Scandi - we are from Broken Arrow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JulieK View Post
    HAHA! I found 2 fellow Oklahomans in one post!! allans_angel & Scandi - we are from Broken Arrow!
    *waving* Hi Julie!

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