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    Default Looking for a past recipe

    I was looking through my past newsletters and found a recipe in the suumer 2009 newsletter for Tangy Citrus Vinaigrette but when I looked at the ingredient list it does not list orange juice or the amount needed. In the directions it says to add the vinegar and olive oil to the orange juice. Could someone tell me how much orange juice is needed in that recipe and/or tell me how past newsletters can be found please.
    Thank you in advance,

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    Just want to move this up to see if anyone has an answer. How about it Randymon, can you check with our wonderful chefs?

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    Standby. I've asked Chef Spath to send it to me and as soon as he does, I will post here. :-)

    Couples Resorts

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    Thank you randymon. You're the greatest.

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    Just moving this up to keep it active.

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