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    Does anyone know (that has stayed recently) if they have a male massage therapist at the CN spa?
    Had a hot stone massage that was to die for last year! Thanks for your feedback.
    One Love, Gloria

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    When we were last there my wife asked this at the spa and was told it was possible to set up a massage with a male therapist but that he was not there every day. Unless that has changed you may be able to schedule it a couple of days ahead of time.

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    There was one in September. If he isn't available I would recommend Diane. I had an eighty minute deep tissue that was awesome!

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    I was there last March and had a massage therapist by the name of Clyde.


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    We were there this past August for ten days and my wife had three massages from Duke, she said he gave some of the best massages she has had, and she frequently gets them at home, she also had no issues booking with him.

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