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    Default Honeymoon...How to choose one resort??

    My fiance and I were in CSS May 2012 where he proposed And now we are looking to honeymoon with couples also! However we are going to be staying 12 nights instead of 7 and we would like to try one of the other resorts but how to choose! They all look so amazing.....So then I got to thinking what if we stay at one for six nights then move to another resort for the next six nights. Will couples allow us to do so??

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    As long as you spend 3 days at one resort you can move to another. We did Tower Isle and Swept Away last year. I highly recommend Swept Away!

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    Congrats on the upcoming marriage! Since you've already tried CSS and the Ochi side of the island, why not try Negril? I would do 6 nights at Couples Negril and the other 6 nights at Swept Away!! They are only 7 minutes apart and Couples will shuttle you over to the next resort. No problem, Mon. Many people do a split vacation and this would be a great way to experience 2 wonderful resorts!! We have stayed at 3 of the properties and really cannot choose a favorite! Heading back again to CSS on Oct. 20th!
    Happy Honeymooning at whichever resort you choose!

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    We are thinking of doing CN and CSA if that helps.

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    Thank you so much! That just made my day, we were really hopping that Couples would allow it. We absolutely loved our stay at CSS last May and after pricing other resorts we just came back to Couples. Even thought we have only been there once it just kinda felt like "home" for us and you really can't beat the price for the amazing service and inclusions they offer. We are so excited this next year and seven months needs to fly by!

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    We just returned from a 5 night stay at CN then went to CSA for 7 nights. You can split whatever way you want to. I do recommend you staying at least 6 nights at least at one of the resorts if not both, this way you are eligible for the Honeymoon perks.

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    Couples will even provide free transportation from CN or CSA to CSS or CTI (or the other way) as long as you are staying at both of them. They will transfer you at any time you pick and guarantee a private transfer with no stop at the airport. To book, just make two separate at each resort. You will receive your Romance Rewards (and early booking credits) at BOTH resorts.

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