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    My fiance and I are in the process of selecting a resort for our honeymoon. We've narrowed it down to S and Couples Swept Away. We both are leaning towards CSA but just want to make sure that we are making a good decision. I've read a ton of reviews about CSA and the majority have nothing bad to say...Does anyone have some comments that could help permanent sway our decision?

    Also, we are looking at getting a beachront verandah suite...good choice or not? The pictures look great. Lastly, we will be getting to the resort on a Monday...does this mean we will have a difficult time making dinner reservations at the restaurants for the remainder of the week?

    Any words of wisdom about this resort would be great! Thanks!

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    CSA is a FABULOUS resort. I have never been to the S resort, so I cannot state factual comparisons between the two. All I can say is that we started at CSA and have never had the first reason to even try the S resort! If you love the beach and are looking for a relaxed atmosphere with top notch service, then CSA is the place for you!

    The BFVS is a nice room and is very close to the water...I don't think you will be disappointed.

    Don't worry about not getting reservations. You are only allowed (as I recall) to make reservations up to 3 days in advance anyway, so you should have no problem getting to eat at the reservation only restaurants later in the week. You could probably even go Monday night if you don't mind a late eating time!

    My word of advice...GO TO CSA!!!

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    You can really only go and find out for yourself but I will tell you that Kev and I went to CSA for the first time back in 2007 and we will be 3rd timers this Dec. I am always asking him if he's sure he doesn't want to try something else, another island even but he keeps telling me we should not mess with a good thing.

    We celebrated our 10th anniversary there with a vow renewal on the beach and the memories will last a lifetime. It was an amazing experience.

    Last year was just as great but this time a little more laid back since we weren't planning a renewal, pictures, flowers, etc. Had a blast and can't wait to go back to celebrate Christmas this year.

    My first impression of the S resort is that it's too commercial but I have never been there so I can't really say one way or another. BUT Couples (CSA in particular) has truly swept us away. You will enjoy great food, many fun activities, a great spa, fitness center, beach party, bonfire and the list goes on. The staff are the most amazing people too. Guess you can see where I recommend you vacation!

    As for the beachfront verandah suite, we haven't stayed in one but they seem nice. Really close to the sand and water. We have stayed in the atrium and beachfront suites. Love them both.

    No problems booking dinner reservations for the remainder of the week. Just set it up when you get there.

    Hope this helps. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

    Kevin & Angie

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    We were trying to make the same decision when we booked CSA, we leave in about 52 days and can't wait. Everyone I have talked to def says we made the right choice. Like someone else mentioned the S just appeared too commercial for us.

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    We have not been to CSA but have been to CN twice and are going back in 2 weeks. Three years ago we were having the same problem deciding between a Couples resort and some of the "other" resorts. Couples - for some reason - just seemed like the right choice. While CN is our choice - from what I have read and heard I think CSA would be a fabulous choice for you. You definitely can't go wrong with any of the Couples resorts!!! Everyone is treated equal reguardless of your room category. The staff, food, drinks, and activities are the best!!!


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    At CSA, you're family. At the other resort, you're just a guest.

    You will LOVE CSA!
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    You really have to go with what you heart says. If you read enough reviews about any resort you will find good and bad. And if you look for bad you will always find it.

    We love Couples as does everyone here. Although our favorite is CN, any of the Couples resorts are wonderful. We have been to several different all inclusives on different islands and with each one of them we compare them to Couples and none of them are as good. It is not just the resort property itself, although they are really beautiful. And it is not just the food, all though the food is really, really good. For us it is the people, both the staff and the other guests. The staff really goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and part of the family. Nothing seems to be a problem. I love the fact that it never seems like it is a hardship for them to do something for you. You never get that "gee, this is my job so I have to do this for you". And for what ever reason the other guests also seem to be so freindly, can't explain it It is just something that we have not found at any other resort.

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    CSA rocks. GO !

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    Unlike a lot of the posters here, we have been to a "S" resort and have yet to step foot on a Couples property. The "S" resort also boasted of "no tipping", but it QUICKLY became evident that if you wanted good drinks, service, etc, you had better be passing some cash around. Plus, at the time we went, the websites were nothing like today, so we had a brochure that we had pored over and needless to say, the property wasn't quite up to what the brochure had promised. Little things like the pool floaties being faded and torn, drink glasses having cracks in them, etc. Overall, we had a good time and there were plenty of fun people we hung out with. I did start planning our vacation by comparing the two resorts. There seems to be NO comparision, especially when you factor in the message board. These are all guests telling their story. Wonder why "S" has no message board?? I booked our anniversary trip and am anxiously awaiting September! I would have no hesitation to encorage anyone to give Couples a try. (Plus with the booking special I nabbed, our Beachfront Suite at CN was cheaper than any room that same week at "S"!!)

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    My hubby and I just got back from our first time at CSA today. We have been to an S resort in the past and had no interest in going back to one. We loved CSA. I did all the research and chose CSA and my hubby kept thanking me for finding this incredible resort.

    It is so romantic and fun. It is a large enough property that you can find a place that works for any mood. Feel like socailizing and drinking a lot? Hang out at the pool bar. Want to relax on a fabulous beach and not deal with others? There are lots of cozy spots for that. The sports center pool is also a great place to get away to. I never saw more then four people there. For something in between pull up a stool at one of the beach bars and chat. There is something for everyone.

    You can rise with the sun and spend all day lazing around the beach or being very active with watersports, activities and the sport center, or you can dance your bum off at the disco until all hours and sleep the morning away.

    I just got back and will write a review soon. For now just know that in my opionion CSA is the best option.

    Oh!!! At the S resort we felt nickled and dimed. They charge over $100 a day for a beach cabana. We especially did not like that the level of service changed depending on the room level you purchase. I much prefer CSA where you have access to all of the inclusions no matter what room you choose.

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    Thanks to all of you who have responded! I am going to be calling to book our honeymoon at CSA in about five minutes!!! Thanks again!

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    So glad to hear it Kast17! You will not be disappointed!

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    We just got back from CSA today infact. WOW did we have a good time. We stayed in the Beachfront Suits, and it was the longer porch one that was upstairs. Only thing I can tell you is that each room has its own style. Where we were we didnt want to have a TV, we wanted it to be US and you feel that way in those suits because there are only 4 to a building. The BFVS looked REALLY nice but there are 3 levels and it seemed to me like you were right next to your neighbor, but that is only me. It looked nice from the inside though. Too small of a feeling for us, we wanted the vaulted ceilings and such. Either one you pick you will be happy with it and if its not what you want then go up to the front desk and they will do EVERYTHING in their power to make it work. TRUST ME, they try to help you out if you do not like your room. We moved twice. All the activities for the evening are near the BFS, but the night club and such is near the BFVS. So its a toss up. We are going back in April and we are going to have the Atrium now to try them. You do hear things outside more with the BFS, but I like the tree frog noise. Good luck and congrats you WONT be dispappointed no matter what. It was an incredible time.

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    Well, we have never been to CSA, but have been to a Couples resort (CN) and an S resort (in Antiqua). Couples is by FAR a better deal, the people are kinder, the food is hands down better, and the inclusions blow S out of the water! We went to S for our honeymoon in 1999 and have never been back. We have however been back to Couples 5 times!!! ;-} I highly recommend taking the money you will save at Couples and spend an extra few days in Paradise!!!

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