I can't say enough good things about CTI!! This place was our palace for the week, everyone was so absolutely wonderful... From the moment we landed we were catered to, even the driver was entertaining!

I could prattle on (and I will) but first, here's a link to my silly photos, I haven't written labels for them all yet, but anyway:

Shout outs:
Rohan and Reneil- Best bartenders EVER!!

I was unaware that EVERY Jamaican has a beautiful voice and a aong in their hearts! just like me! Lol
I caught myself following employees more than once just trying to discern what tune they were humming/singing)

Something else I was unaware of: Cricket is a very popular game in Jamaica and a Patty is a popular snack.. So Cricket and Patty had some fun introducing themselves! lol (and yes, my mamma named me that.. And no, my folks don't play either...)

Andrew was so kind to us and did a great job of making us feel welcome those first few nights, Garicia (NOT GARCIA) was very friendly and did a fantastic job of showing us around. Kennard was a wonderful server, Donald was definitely the Banana/Papaya/Pineapple Smoothie KING and Peter was a very friendly and helpful lifeguard... But I feel bad pointing out these names when I forget so many that were certainly just as important... The maids were extremely gracious, for instance, and I can't for the life of me remember their names!

Special shout out to Mike down on the surfboard, I finally figured out the trick with the conch and I can make the windows rattle! Well, sometimes anyway.. lol

Thanks again to everyone who helped to make our vacation so wonderful, WHEN we come back we can think of no better place on all the Earth to go. Simply top notch.