Name: Ben and Miranda
Ages: 32
How many times to Couples: This will be our 2nd time. Honeymooned at CN in 2009.
Trip Dates: April 20-27, 2013
Room Type: One Bedroom Beachfront Suite
Where are you from: Michigan
What are you looking forward to: Food, fun, and relaxation. Hoping for a little romance too.
Will you go AN during your trip: No.
Drink you're looking forward to: Bob Marley's!
Kids: No. We love being DINKs.
Level of excitement (1-10): 11
About us: We're really looking forward to this vacation. It's a much needed break for Ben after a long and hard tax season. He's a CPA and I'm in Sales and Advertising. We have a three year old black Labradoodle named Maggie, who will stay with her grandma and grandpa while we're gone.