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    Default Rainy Blues :( Can you cheer me up?

    My beautiful fiancee and I will be getting married this Friday (FINALLY) and will be heading down for our honeymoon next monday (Oct 15-oct 21). This is the only trip we will likely ever take to a beach/all inclusive resort, at least until we are much, much older and able to actually afford something like this ourselves.

    I have been SO excited since we booked last year, only to see that next week's forecast has Thunderstorms every day of our trip, most days with a 60% chance. Does it generally rain ALL day EVERY day when the forecast is that negative? I remember hearing that many tropical places have daily storms but will generally have a few nice hours of sun a day even when the forecasts are bad, and I see no tropical storms that would produce sustained storms.

    More importantly, what is there to do when it rains? We were so excited to have a romantic dinner under the stars, go on the catamaran, and spend days at the beach swimming, walking, lounging in the sun with a cool drink in our hands. I can't help feeling like we really got the short end of the stick, and given my above statement that we will not be able to make a trip like this again for likely decades, I am pretty depressed about the prospects of having a full, fun experience at CSA - without eventually getting bored reading and watching TV in the room. What sorts of activities do you guys do when it rains at CSA? A few great-sounding rainy day activities (outside of the room! ) could really make me excited about this trip instead of feeling so uneasy.

    Thanks so much!

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    Generally, I ignore weather forecasts for Jamaica unless they mention hurricanes. You are right when you mentioned tropical locations having rain almost daily. This "liquid sunshine" is what makes all the vegetation so green, lush and beautiful. But the rains usually don't mean the whole day is a wash out. Expect an afternoon, pop-up shower that won't typically last too long. I'm not saying a wash out is impossible, just not as likely as weather forecasts tend to indicate.

    All of the things you mention after your "What's there to do?" question will be available. Plus, you're on your honeymoon. I'm sure you'll figure out what to do even if it does rain 24/7.

    Don't be depressed. YOu've picked a wonderful resort and country for your trip. You're gonna love it and will create memories that will last a lifetime.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Relax stop checking the weather, it always calls for rain. It usually only rains for 30 minutes in the afternoon and the sun is right back out.
    There are lots of things to do if it should rain longer: sit at the bar on the beach, if there is no lighting swim in ocean, grab a drink and get in a hot tub, go for walk in the rain, dance in the rain, play a few games of pool, go across the street and have a massage, play ping pong just to name a few. And as far as getting bored in your room that's up to you two, our favorit room choice dosent even have a Tv and we don't get bored heeeheee!!!!!!!!

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    Itís the tropics. It rains often but not for that long. It usually rains for about an hour max in the early afternoons and then the sun comes back out. We have been lucky and have had rain during the week only a couple of times. We have also had weeks of complete sunshine. Donít worry about the weather. The only time it rains all day, all week, is when there is a passing hurricane or major storm.

    Life is good

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    Nope- usually rains for 30-60 minutes a day and passes. There are the occasional days it'll rain all day - but it does that hear too! ENJOY and congratulations!

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