Hi, I will be staying at CTI and I'm looking for another couple to split the cost of $160.00 plus tip (about 40.00) for the bob Marley tour/ swimming at blue hole/ eating at scotchies . The date will be on October 13, 2012 we will meet at the lobby at 9am. I will arrived at CTI on October 11, 2012. This private person is well know his name is Paul Williams and you can email him at paul849@hotmail.com or check his website
Remember when you get a private tour the price they give you is for 1 - 4 person. Whoever wants to go we can detail it out as we get closer or email me at rcgoofy68@aol.com. The cost for the entrance to Bob Marley tour is 19.00 pp and the entrance to swim in the blue hole is 10.00 pp.