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    Default Golf questions- excursion from CSA?

    Hello All-

    We are going to CSA for the first time next month and would Love more info on the golf excursion. My bf and I are new to the game but have played a few courses in Chicago and feel we could hold our own. We are really looking forward to trying a new (and assumably) beautiful course but have a few questions first. We want to make sure we know what to expect to fit in with the experts.

    1- We understand that greens fees are included with the AI price, but that you need a caddy. $15/pp, correct? Also, we arent bringing our own clubs so we have to rent. Can we share a set or do we each have to rent one each? I guess if there are 2 caddies we have to each rent a set, right? From what I read carts are not mandatory.

    2- is there a dress code? I read collared Shirts for guys. Does that go for women also? Can we wear shorts? Do we have to rent golf shoes or can we wear sneakers?

    3- is transportation to and from the course included in the AI price also? Do we need money to tip anyone? Is there only 1 trip/day that leaves at 8am? How far is the course? Can you come back anytime if you only want to play 9 holes and not 18?

    4- do you have to make a reservation in advance with the concierge at CSA?

    5- are the players that go to this course generally nice? Again, we are new to the game and far from great players, so we are a little nervous. At the same time, though, we really don't want to pass up this opportunity because we don't know when we'll be back.

    I think thats all for now. Any and all suggestions/responses are much appreciated.

    Thanks so much!


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    Hopefully I can answer your questions. Golf is played at Negrill Hills, and there is a very good reason for the name - lots of hills. You can either walk or rent a cart. My husband and I walk all the time

    1 - Greens Fees are included, you will need to pay the caddy fee as well as tip the caddies at the end of the round (tip is traditionally $1 US per hole per person). If you are going to play more than one round, I would recommend that you bring your clubs down with you. I think that rentals are about $25-35 each, and the clubs are not the best quality. If you are carting, you can get away with one caddie, but walkers need two caddies.

    2 - The dress code is enforced - I have seen them make women buy a shirt if they come in a camisole type shirt. You can wear shorts. I don't think they have rental shoes, and I think I may have seen people in runners, but cannot confirm.

    3 - Transportation to the course is included and is provided by a Couples staff member. There are two shuttles a day - 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM. If you want to play 18 holes, you should play in the morning. If you do 9 holes in the morning, the shuttle will come back and get you so you don't need to wait till 1:30PM to return to the resort.

    4 - Reservations are not required, but you do need to pick up a voucher from the conceirge to cover your green fees.

    5 - The course caters to all levels of golfers. We traditionally golf in the afternoon and it is not very busy.

    If you decide to bring your clubs, you can store them for free at the golf course between rounds.

    If you decide to golf - ask for Sharron and Steacy as caddies. They are great people. Let them know that Will & Jen from Canada will be back in March.


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    Thank you so much for the info, Jenni. Have a safe and fun trip in March!

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    Don't forget to bring golf balls, tees and a glove so you don't have to buy them there. Maybe someone else can chime in on how much to bring. Have fun!

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    Can you take golf lessons at the resort and is that included?

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    I don't think that they offer golf lessons at Negril Hills. If they did, I think that this would be an extra cost.


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    Golf lessons are not offered or included at the resort. My free round of golf cost me $105 after renting, buying and tipping. I am not complaining one bit just giving you an idea of the cost if you take nothing with you, which I took no golf equipment at all. Used balls were $1, Club rental was $30 (usable but not new probably 10 years old and not name brand), cart, caddy and caddy tip, drink at turn for caddy and me plus tip, tip the shuttle driver, tees and a couple of logo balls. Fun course, not too difficult, great gal for a caddy (can't remember her name) and a fun afternoon. I played 18 in the afternoon and was done in a little over 2 hours. Had the course pretty much to myself.

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    Hi Everyone, here's my two cents. Negril Hills GC isn't in the kind of shape like the courses we play in the states or at a foreign golf destination resort. It's an enjoyable round of golf but it was very dry so the ball bounced into trouble a lot. I ended up losing about twice the usual amount of balls. If you'll be playing more than once it's worth it to bring your own clubs and a dozen cheap balls. It's always nice to have your own clubs instead of playing with a no name, usually un-matched set of clubs. My clubs flew for free because we pack light for our trip and have only one checked bag and several carry-ons. When flying Air Jamaica (Caribbean), one checked bag per person is free. My two buddies and I walked the course both times we played and if you're in decent shape you can do it and save on the cart fee. From what I remember the cart fee was around $35, half that if you share it. The caddies are wonderful people and it's a lot of fun to walk the course and chat with them along the way. My buddy played in his running shoes but I brought my regular golf shoes that I stowed in my big zipper compartment of my bag. I always wear golf shoes after slipping on morning dew once falling and hurting my back. Oh and if you bring your bag make sure that you take all of the un-necessary items that you usually tend to lug around. If you don't, the caddy will go through your bag and do it for you so it can be easily carried up and down the hills. I learned my lesson after watching my caddy in Ocho Rios (Upton GC, now the "S" Resort Course) remove everything except for my extra balls and tees. Don't forget a bag towel for cleaning your clubs/balls and one clean one for wiping yourself. It will get warm on the course.
    Enjoy yourselves if you decide to play and if you have any other questions, just ask.

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    You can also use your golf bag to put some of your clothes in the pockets like underwear, socks, shorts, tee shirs etc. As long as you roll up your shorts and tee shirts, they should make the trip without wrinkling any more that being in a suitcase. I use a vinal travel bag for my clubs and stuff socks and underwear around the top to protect the driver and woods.

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