Hello All-

We are going to CSA for the first time next month and would Love more info on the golf excursion. My bf and I are new to the game but have played a few courses in Chicago and feel we could hold our own. We are really looking forward to trying a new (and assumably) beautiful course but have a few questions first. We want to make sure we know what to expect to fit in with the experts.

1- We understand that greens fees are included with the AI price, but that you need a caddy. $15/pp, correct? Also, we arent bringing our own clubs so we have to rent. Can we share a set or do we each have to rent one each? I guess if there are 2 caddies we have to each rent a set, right? From what I read carts are not mandatory.

2- is there a dress code? I read collared Shirts for guys. Does that go for women also? Can we wear shorts? Do we have to rent golf shoes or can we wear sneakers?

3- is transportation to and from the course included in the AI price also? Do we need money to tip anyone? Is there only 1 trip/day that leaves at 8am? How far is the course? Can you come back anytime if you only want to play 9 holes and not 18?

4- do you have to make a reservation in advance with the concierge at CSA?

5- are the players that go to this course generally nice? Again, we are new to the game and far from great players, so we are a little nervous. At the same time, though, we really don't want to pass up this opportunity because we don't know when we'll be back.

I think thats all for now. Any and all suggestions/responses are much appreciated.

Thanks so much!